Rust Eater Bisco2022 graced us with some great new anime like the Sabikui Bisco also known as Rust-Eater Bisco. It is a fantasy-adventure type of anime that is aired from January of 2022. The story started when an Apocalyptic event ravage Japan leaving nothing but sandy plains. It is said that this state is a result of mushroom spores spread by the Man-Eating Mushroom.

Rust Eater Bisco is worth watching especially for anyone who enjoys action fantasy anime. For free streaming, you can watch Rust-Eater Bisco on Animepisode. Download anime Rust Eater Bisco with VideoPower RED and enjoy streaming offline!

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VideoPower RED (will jump to is an impressive anime video downloader equipped with an auto-detection function. It automatically detects the video playing on its built-in browser making all downloads easier and faster. Alternatively, it has a screen recorder function that allows high-quality anime recording and saves it offline.

Watch Rust Eater Bisco’s official trailer video here!

Method 1: Video Auto-detection

Step 1: Copy the anime video URL

Open the Rust-Eater Bisco on Animepisode using your PC browser and copy its video URL from the top address bar
download anime rust eater bisco, copy url

Step 2: Video auto-detected

Run the VideoPower RED and go to the “Detect” function screen. Paste the anime video URL on the built-in browser. Wait until it is completely loaded and then click play the video.
download anime rust eater bisco, paste url

The video playing will be automatically detected by the software and add it to the download queue.
download anime rust eater bisco, auto detect video

Step 3: Downloading anime

You can check the download progress by going to the “Download” function screen and clicking the “Downloading” tab.
download anime rust eater bisco, downloading anime

Step 4: Finished downloading anime

When the download completes, it will be added under the “Completed” tab. You may right-click the downloaded file to see more options.
download anime rust eater bisco, download complete

Method 2: Screen Recording the Anime

Step 1: Open the video source

Open the Rust-Eater Bisco on Animepisode and click Pause at the beginning of the video.
record anime, prepare video for recording

Step 2: Set the audio source

Open the VideoPower RED and go to the “Record” function screen. The audio source is set to “System Sound” by default. Click it to select other options.
record anime, set the audio source

Step 3: Choose a recording mode

Click the “Record” button to choose a recording mode. You can select from Full screen, Region, Around mouse, Web camera, or Only Audio.
record anime, select recording area

Then click and drag your mouse to select a recording area. Click “OK” to proceed.
record anime, select recording area

Step 4: Begin your anime recording

After the 3 seconds countdown, a recording toolbar will pop up indicating that the recording has begun. Through this toolbar, you can click Pause to halt the recording, click the Pencil icon to enable annotation, or click to enable the camera.

Then play the anime to have it recorded.
record anime, begin the recording

When the anime is finished, click “Stop” to end the recording.
record anime, stop the recording

Step 5: Finished recording anime

The recorded files are added to your Recording list. You may right-click the recorded files to see more options available.
record anime, finished recording


If you like action fantasy anime like Dorohedoro and Trigun, then you will surely enjoy Rust-Eater Bisco. This anime promised to have action-packed scenes, a well-written story, and great animation. Based on released episodes, looks like they fulfilled that promise. Make sure to keep updated and stream Rust-Eater Bisco anime!

For offline streaming, VideoPower RED can help you download anime Rust Eater Bisco. Through its advanced auto-detection function, downloading can never be easier and faster. For safe downloading, you can also use its screen recorder tool.