Tomodachi GameFans of Tomodachi Game Manga couldn’t contain their excitement when an anime adaptation hit the screen last April 5, 2022. Tomodachi Game is a survival type of anime like Squid Game, Liar Game, or Alice in Borderland. It is even one of the many that first started the survival type of show. The story centers on Katagiri Yuuichi, a high school student, and his circle of friends. All hell breaks loose when they got knocked out and ambushed. Then they are required to participate in a survival game which they call the “Friendship Game”. Who do you think will win? Will friendship and trust prevail? Don’t hesitate to watch and download Tomodachi Game Anime now! It’s worth your time!

Unfortunately, downloading anime on online sites can be risky. Issues are hovering about the legality of downloading anime from free anime sites. You can get accountable for downloading anime that is protected by infringement law. To make a safe download, it is recommended to record Tomodachi Game anime episodes using VideoPower RED.

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VideoPower RED (will jump to is your ultimate anime downloader and recorder. It offers advanced features making any downloads easier and faster. For a safe way to download Tomodachi Game Live Action episodes, you may use its screen recorder function. It impressively records in high quality with various record modes available.

Watch Tomodachi Game Anime’s Official Trailer Video Here!

How to Screen Record to Download Tomodachi Game

Step 1: Prepare the anime video for recording

Using your PC browser, open Tomodachi Game Anime on 9anime and click “Pause” at the beginning of the video.
download tomodachi game, prepare anime video source

Step 2: Set sound input

Run VideoPower RED and go to the “Record” function screen. By default, the sound input is set to “System Sound”. Click it to see more options available.
download tomodachi game, set audio input

Step 3: Choose your preferred recording mode

On the same function screen, click the “Record” button then select your preferred recording mode from the available options such as Region, Full screen, Around mouse, Web camera, or Only audio.

In this example, we will set the recording mode to “Region”.
download tomodachi game, choose a record mode

Step 4: Select the recording area

Click and drag your mouse to select the recording area.
anime downloader, select recording area

A custom area toolbar will pop up, click “OK” to proceed.
anime downloader, custom area toolbar

Step 5: Begin the anime recording

After the three-seconds countdown, a recording toolbar will pop up indicating that the recording has begun. You can click “Pause” to halt the recording, click the “Pencil” icon to enable annotation, or click to open the Web camera.
anime downloader, begin the recording

Step 6: End the recording

When the anime is finished, click “Stop” to end the recording.
record anime, end the recording

The recorded anime will be added to your VideoPower RED’s recording list. You may right-click the recorded file to see more options available such as Play, Convert, Rename, etc.
anime recorder, manage recorded file


Upon watching the anime, you could easily see the similarities between Tomodachi Game anime and Squid Game. Although the Squid Game is roped around economic anxiety, the Tomodachi Game anime tells about working together to save their friend from debt. Both anime teach different learnings.

Some critics are saying that its animation is not at its best. Nevertheless, it’s an anime worth watching. Download Tomodachi Game Anime now and see what it could offer! For safe downloading, you can record Tomodachi Game Anime with VideoPower RED. It is your ultimate tool for video download and record solutions!