What would you do if you suddenly wake up and find yourself forced to play a game of survival ? This is the story of a high school trio, Arisu, Karube and Chota who were transported into a parallel universe – only to play a game of survival. Alice in Borderland anime (Imawa no Kuni no Arisu) is a 3-episode OVA that was released last October 2014 to February 2015. It is a manga adaptation from the same name that was written and illustrated by Haro Aso.

The OVA was successfully launched and was well received by anime and manga fans. Although it was a short series, the manga was also adapted into a live-action series by Netflix that was launched last December 2020.

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By using VideoPower RED (will jump to videopower.me) you can easily download and watch Alice in Borderland Anime OVA offline. It has a built-in auto-detect feature that can bypass encrypted video download. Aside from this, users also have the option to use its high-quality screen recorder which is an alternative method for videos that cannot be downloaded. With its internal audio recording, users will not have to worry about external noises during recording.

Alice In Borderland Anime Download

Step 1: Select Videos to Download – COPY URL

First, go to www.animetake25.stream and search for Alice In Borderland Anime. Click Episode 1 and then copy the URL from the top search bar of your browser.
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Step 2: Launch VideoPower RED

Launch VideoPower RED, click the DETECT Tab and paste the URL on the built-in browser. Wait for the page to load and play the video for a moment.
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To check whether the episode is downloading, click the DOWNLOAD tab.
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Step 3: Download Complete

After a few minutes, the download is complete. Simply go to the Completed section of the tab and you can double-click the file for autostart or you can opt to download more episodes of the OVA series.
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Record Alice In Borderland Anime

Step 1: Select Videos

First, go to www.animetake25.stream and search for Alice In Borderland Anime. Click Episode 1 and let the videos load. Make sure that the settings are in high-quality settings.
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Step 2: Launch VideoPower RED

Launch VideoPower RED and click the RECORD tab. Then click the Record button to select recording settings such as record by region, full screen, around the mouse, web camera or audio-only.
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Step 3: Start Recording

After choosing a recording option, an automated countdown will start. Upon reaching number 0, an automatic screen recording will proceed. Immediately go back to the browser and start playing the video.

*Note: a mini-recording taskbar will float on the screen. You can choose different tasks such as Pause/Play, Stop and more.

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Step 4: Recording

When the screen recording starts, play the video. Make sure to enter into Full-screen mode to fully capture the entire aspect ratio of the video.
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Step 5: Record Complete

When the video is finished, click the STOP button on the recording taskbar. The file will automatically be saved and will be redirected to the library section of the Record tab.

Double-click the file to auto-play or you can repeat the same process above to record other episodes.

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Even though Alice In Borderland anime is a 3-episode OVA, fans are more than jubilant with the release. With many resource options to choose from such as the original manga, OVA, or the live-action series released by Netflix, viewers can rewatch and read the story as much as they want for detailed and binge-worthy pleasure.

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