Have you seen All of Us Are Dead, the most popular horror/suspense anime series? Isn’t it a terrifying series? What if this series started off as a Webtoon? You’re not going to believe it, are you? Yes, the All of Us Are Dead series was originally a Korean Webtoon that premiered on Naver and ended on November 8, 2011. The story starts at Hyosan High School which is really an ordinary school until the students discover they are at the epicenter of a deadly virus that transforms its victims into flesh-eating monsters. They discover they have nowhere to flee as the virus ravages their classmates in a couple of hours. They must fight and escape with their lives trapped in their high school with zombified versions of their friends and teachers.

You will be intensified and given a concept about surviving after viewing this fantastic series. You’ll also learn about working as a team, trusting your peers, and keeping hope in any situation. Watch this now at your convenience time! Download All of Us Are Dead Anime Adaptation using the VideoPower RED application or ZEUS series. Since you can barely download on the Naver site, use this fantastic method in downloading and saving your anime series.

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Method 1: Use VideoPower RED’s Auto-Detect Function

Step 1: Go to the Site

Launch the Youtube site and look for the episodes of All of Us Are Dead. Once you found it, copy its URL at the top address bar.

All of Us Are Dead Anime Adaptation, copy URL

Step 2: Launch Software and Paste the Copied URL

Simply open the software. Click the “Detect” icon. On its address bar, paste the copied URL then hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard. Then, click the “Download” button under the video to begin downloading.

Note: A new window will appear which indicates downloading is on queue. You can put a checkmark inside the box if you wish not to see it again.

All of Us Are Dead Anime Adaptation, detect function

Step 3: Downloading

Check the status of your file under the software’s “Downloading” button.

All of Us Are Dead Anime Adaptation, downloading

Step 4: Video Download is Completed

Hurry and click the “Completed” icon of the software and double-click the file to watch it. See more options by right-clicking the file.

download all of us are dead anime adaptation, download complete

Method 2: Download Anime using ZEUS

Step 1: Copy the URL

Navigate to the website of the video you wish to download. Then, right away, copy its URL.

save all of us are dead anime adaptation images, copy URL

Step 2: Paste the Copied URL

Then, open immediately the ZEUS software and click the “+Paste URL” button.

save all of us are dead anime adaptation images, paste URL

Step 3: Downloading the Video

The video will be processed under the “Downloading” button.

all of us are dead animation adaptation, downloading

Step 4: Video Downloading is Complete

After the video is downloaded, check it under the “Completed” tab. You may opt to double-click the file to enjoy watching. Right-clicking will allow you to see more options too.

all of us are dead animation adaptation, download complete


It’s great to be able to enjoy your favorite show without interruptions. The adaptation of All of Us Are Dead is a fantastic webtoon series that everyone should see. Some scenes from the webtoon are not included in the film series. Many questions in the movie series can only be answered by the webtoon.

Make it fast and don’t hesitate! Watch and download All of Us Are Dead Adaptation by using the amazing downloading feature of the VideoPower RED application. With its great alternative, you may save all your desired videos in different sites. It also offers conversion and editing functions for you to use in the future.

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