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Long gone are the days when most anime girl characters were meek and shy. Often walking across the road with their head down. Now, anime girls are much better and sometimes stronger than other men characters. Powerful, confident, and respected in their own field. Not to mention, some anime girls’ aesthetics boost the ratings up for their shows.

KissAnime is one the best streaming sites right now. With thousands of content and anime to choose from – you’ll never run out of anime with the best anime female characters. From Violet Evergarden, Spirited Away to updated episodes of Naruto, you can all stream it there. However, because of certain video encryption and restrictions to direct downloads, downloading anime is quite a problem. That is the reason why you need an alternative for this like the VideoPower RED or ZEUS.

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Download Anime Girls Movie

Step 1: Copy URL

First step is to open your browser and head straight to Search for anime you want to download,and copy the URL from the top search bar.
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Step 2: Launch VideoPower RED

Open VideoPower RED and click on the DETECT Tab to open the built-in browser. Paste the copied URL from the search bar and wait for the page to load. To start the automatic download, simply play the video for a moment.

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Step 3: Downloading

To check whether your video is downloading, click the DOWNLOAD Tab on the upper part of the program. You’ll see your file on the downloading queue.
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Step 4: Download Complete

After a few minutes, your download is now complete. Simply click the COMPLETED Section and you will see your downloaded file. To play, double-click the video file. You can also right-click the file to show different options such as Open Folder, Remove Selected, etc.
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With changing times, comes with changing mindset. The more we progress on society, the more anime girl characters are proven to be more than an aesthetic or side character. Also, anime with a female character as the main protagonist is not also viewed as feminine anymore. They became much capable, much stronger, much wiser, and also much more equal to their male counter-part.

Because of the lists and so many anime girls worth rooting for, you’ll find yourself craving for more anime series. With VideoPower RED , you are guaranteed to download all of your favorite anime. No more limitations and restrictions because you download all of them, all at once!

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