With increasing popularity for the shounen-ai type of anime, Given is one of the most trending and sought-after anime series from that genre. The story revolves around Mafuyu Satou, the main protagonist who always clings to his guitar no matter where he goes. With little to no knowledge about this instrument, he met Ritsuka Uenomaya who is also about to give up his love for music – when fate suddenly intertwines their destiny.

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Animetake Anime Downloads – Given The Series

Step 1: Go to Animetake

Open your browser and go to Animetake25 and search for Given The Series. To download an episode, simply click episode 1 and copy the URL from the top search bar of your browser.
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Step 2: Download Via Embedded Browser

Open VideoPower RED and click the DETECT tab. Paste the copied URL from the search bar and let the page load. To start downloading, simply click the play button on the video to prompt auto-detect download.
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Step 3: Download Queue

To check whether the video is downloading, go back to the Download Tab. You will see the downloading queue. Wait for a few moments until the downloading file is completed.
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Step 4: Download Completed. Play or Download Other Episodes.

After a few minutes, the download is completed. To see the file, click the Completed Tab and double-click the file to autoplay using the built-in video player. Otherwise, you can continue downloading the remaining episodes of Given the Series so you can binge-watch offline.
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In just a few simple steps, you are guaranteed to enjoy watching Animetake – Given The Series. With complete episodes available on the website waiting to be downloaded, you can enjoy binge-watching this anime or any of your favorite anime series by using VideoPower RED. Through its advanced features, Animetake anime downloads can be completed in just a few steps.

With rising appreciation for shounen-ai manga and anime series, Animetake keeps on being the top anime website that is continuously updating its content regularly. By doing so, all anime-lovers, otakus, and other fandoms keep flocking on the site to wait and watch their anime series.

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