The long wait is over for those who have been waiting for a Ghibli film! This year’s newest anime release is a Ghibli film that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Mamoru Hosoda’s latest anime, Belle, also known as “The Dragon and the Freckled Princess,” is based on the fairytale “Beauty and the Beast.” Belle, on the other hand, goes a step further with its mature topics, including a study of child abuse, self-sacrifice, and community responsibility. These serious themes set it apart from Studio Ghibli’s other kid-friendly and well-known flicks. Parents should supervise their children when they are watching this anime as it contains mature content. However, adults may find value in its honesty and urgency.

Watch the trailer and decide whether or not you’ll enjoy it. However, if you are a true Ghibli fan, you will be able to enjoy this film. If you want to have a Belle anime download, better use VideoPower RED or ZEUS to secure fast and safe downloads. You can download the anime using the software mentioned.

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Watch The Official Trailer Below!

Method 1: Detect Function to do Belle Anime Download

Step 1: Copy the Anime URL

Launch the site and search for the official trailer of Belle2 anime. Then, copy its URL at the address bar.

belle anime download, copy url

Step 2: Paste the Anime URL

Open VideoPower RED and click the “Detect” button. Then, paste inside the URL box the copied anime URL.

belle anime download, paste url

Simply click the “Download” button under the video to begin downloading.

belle anime download, add to download

Step 3: Check the Progress of the Anime

Once it has been added to downloading, click the” Downloading” section of the software to see its progress.

belle anime download, downloading

Step 4: Anime Trailer is Downloaded

Click the “Completed” tab to see the download anime trailer. You may also right-click the file to see more options on your downloaded video.

download Belle2 2022 full movie, download complete

Method 2: Record Screen to do Belle Anime Download

Step 1: Choose Video to Record

Open the YouTube website and search for the trailer of Bell2. Then load the video for a while for smooth recording.

save belle anime, prepare video to record

Step 2: Choose Recording Format

Open the software and click the “Record” button under the “Record” menu. A list of available options will display for you to choose for the format.

We’ll use the “Region” format in this example.

record anime, choose region format

After selecting a format, a new window will appear. Click the “OK” button. Then a three-second countdown will commence.

record anime 2022 list, countdown

Step 3: Start Recording

After the countdown, the recording will then begin. Use the control taskbar to pause or stop the recording. You may also use this to edit your video.

watch trailer, start recording

Step 4: Screen Recording is Completed

After you stopped recording, it will be saved to your recording list. For more choices, right-click the file.

watch trailer, complete recording


Belle 2 is the third highest-grossing Japanese film, thus it is undeniably a fantastic animation to watch. It also offers a lot of good reviews to take note of when watching this anime. You will undoubtedly want to download the complete movie of this film after seeing its trailer.

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