One of the best anime that has come out in 2021 is undoubtedly Blue Period anime. Although a little bit underappreciated, the plot, character development and storyline are very great. If you are passionate about art, then this new anime series is for you.

The story arc revolves around the main character, Yatora Yaguchi, who looks very delinquent but actually an earnest guy. After being inspired by a beautiful painting from his senior, he began studying art. The series shows the honesty and real-life scenarios of comparing oneself to other people. Because of this, it is highly recommendable to watch the series offline!

You can try to use VideoPower RED or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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By using VideoPower RED (will jump to you can easily download any anime episode or the entire series. As easy as copying the URL from the site, you can enjoy unlimited download when using the full version of the software. Aside from this, you can also opt for a screen recording method, if downloading is not possible.

Method 1: Download Blue Period Anime

Step 1: Copy URL

Using your PC browser, go to your favorite anime site of choice. Search the Blue Period anime, choose an episode and copy the URL from the top search bar.
 Blue Period anime, animedao, copy URL

Step 2: Launch VideoPower RED Browser

Open VideoPower RED and click the DETECT Tab. Paste the URL from the search bar of the built-in browser. Click to play the video and the auto-detect download pop-up will appear.

videopower RED, auto-detect, paste, Blue Period anime

Step 3: Downloading

You can see the progress of your downloading file by clicking the Download tab.
On the toolbar you can click actions such as Pause or Stop recording.

VPR, downloading series, Blue Period anime

Step 4: Download Complete

After the downloading is complete, you can see your downloaded file on the completed section of the tab. Right-click on the file to toggle other options.
 VPR, animated series, Blue Period anime

Method 2: Record Blue Period Anime

Step 1: Prepare Video Source

Like the same process as Step 1 from downloading method, prepare your video source by searching Blue Period anime episode you want to screen record. Let the video load completely.
VPR recording, recording series, animated series

Step 2: Set Recording Area

Open VideoPower RED and click on the Record Tab. Under the Recording button, there are a few available settings such as full screen, region, audio, web-camera or around the mouse.

In this tutorial, let’s to use the Region mode
VPR, region, screen recording

Step 3: Recording

After selecting the recording area, a countdown will start for automatic screen recording.

After the countdown reaches Zero, Play the video to start recording. During recording, a toolbar will float on the screen, make sure that it is NOT within the recording area.

On the toolbar you can click actions such as Pause or Stop recording.
VPR, recording, series

Step 4: Record Complete

When the video is finished, click the Stop button on the recording taskbar to save. You will then be redirected to the Recording section of the library. Double-click the file to open the auto-play or you can click on other tasks such as name, open-folder, etc.
record finished, vpg, series


In just four simple steps, you can easily download Blue Period anime without a hassle. By using VideoPower RED, surely, you can grab any anime of your choice and on any anime site you like.

Blue Period anime is a very touching yet passionate anime series that many people can relate to. It talks about working hard to achieve your dreams, being open to changes and embracing it. Animedao is also one of the best anime sites to stream on and you can easily download this anime by using the full version of the software.

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