BorutoNow that the series is over 200+ episodes, fans especially those who just started this year can easily catch up with the series. With Boruto 218 episode online just released – updated viewers and fans have mixed emotions on the episodes. Some cried, some felt sad and some felt nostalgic with the episode. Overall, it was another great episode worthy of watching! For those who are curious, you can watch the Boruto 218 preview on YouTube.

To catch up with Boruto, viewers and fans have the option to either watch it online or offline. There are multiple anime-streaming sites online that host a collection and updated episodes of the series. However, because of potential malware, the risk of harming your PC might not be worth the stress. With multiple pop-up ads, redirects and even viruses, sometimes watching Boruto online is not an enjoyable experience. With just a few clicks and steps, users can download the latest episode of Boruto from Gogoanime using the VideoPower RED or ZEUS without any hassle!

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Download Boruto 218th Episode from GogoAnime

Step 1: Open Browser and Copy URL

The first step is to open the browser and from the search bar, type From there, search the keyword “Boruto 218” from the search bar and click on the episode you want to download.

Copy URL from the top search bar of your browser.

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Step 2: Auto-detect Video to Download

Open VideoPower RED and click the Detect tab. Paste the copied URL from the Built-in search bar and wait for the video to completely load. An auto-detect box will pop up indicating the automatic download.
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To download, just play the video for a moment until a notification for auto-download appears. To check whether it is downloading, simply click the Download Tab and look for the downloading queue.

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Step 3: Download Complete

After a few minutes, your download is now complete. You can either double click the file to auto-play using a built-in video player or you can repeat the same steps above to download other Boruto episodes.

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In just 3 easy steps, users and fans can easily download ALL Boruto: Naruto Next Generation episodes! No need to go to different websites to watch. No need to hassle yourself by downloading different video downloaders. By using VideoPower RED, you have the ultimate software that can download almost all anime episodes online.

Because of the recent release of Boruto 218 episode, new fans and viewers can now enjoy binge watching the entire series without any interruptions.

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