BorutoWith hundreds of episodes and still counting, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is still one of the most viewed anime today. Boruto is the son of the legendary ninja of Konoha village, Naruto Uzumaki, and is determined to be one of the best ninjas. Although he came from a family of the strongest ninja, he wants to get away from his father’s shadows. The story also revolves around the other generations of ninjas. Each fighting for their spots to become a better shinobi.

ith new episodes coming up every Friday, fans can’t wait to have more. Others also preferred to watch Boruto in English dub, so they can focus more on the storylines. Because of this, there are multiple anime-hosting sites that stream Boruto in English dub. One of these sites is Gogoanime, which you can stream anime for FREE. With their hundreds or even thousands of anime collections, most anime you’re searching for are there. Even more, they are also one of the few anime sites that update English dub versions of anime series. Use the VideoPower RED or ZEUS to grab anime videos on this site.

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Download Boruto in English Dub

Step 1: Select Videos to Download – COPY URL

Open the browser and go to Search for the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations English dub and click for the episode you want to download.
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Step 2: Launch VideoPower RED

Open VideoPower RED and click on the DETECT Tab to open the built-in browser. Paste the copied URL from the search bar and wait for the page to load. To prompt the automatic download, simply play the video for a moment.

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Step 3: Downloading

To check whether your video is downloading, click the DOWNLOAD Tab on the upper part of the program. You’ll see your file on the downloading queue.
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Step 4: Download Complete

After a few minutes, your download is now complete. Simply click the COMPLETED section and you will see your downloaded file. To play, double-click the video file. You can also download more Boruto in English dub for your anime watching.
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Because of Gogoanime’s continuous update on the current Boruto: Naruto Next Generations current season, fans can watch the English dub while waiting. Although there are currently mixed reactions with the ongoing anime, there’s still no doubt that Boruto is still one of the most anticipated and watched anime nowadays.

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