Samurai SoulWhen it comes to anime, we all have different preferences. Some people may enjoy the anime we despise, while others may despise the anime you desire. Bright: Samurai Soul is one of them. This anime film is a Netflix original, and some reviewers have stated that they did not enjoy it while others really love this. This anime was directed by Kyohei Ishiguro and has been released last October 12, 2021. It is a story of Izou, a masterless samurai, who finds himself working security in a brothel during the early years of the Meiji Restoration. When Sonya, a young elf girl, is kidnapped and taken in, she is chased by a gang of robbers, and Izou joins her in fleeing. They’re joined by Raiden, an orc who used to be part of the raiding team, and the trio sets out to deliver Sonya to a safe haven. Along the way, they become aware of a growing conspiracy centered on the elves’ abilities and their magical wands, which aims to rewrite the history of the world they live in.

Don’t miss this anime and do the Bright: Samurai Soul download to witness it yourself if the anime suits your taste or not. Since this anime is created by Netflix, and you don’t have an account with them, don’t worry; you can still view it on other anime streaming sites such as 9anime. To do the Bright: Samurai Soul mp4 download, choose the best 9anime downloader- VideoPower RED or ZEUS. This page will teach you this alternative way of downloading on this site.

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The Videopower RED (will jump to is a tool made for Otakus like you. This tool was made to satisfy your needs when it comes to downloading an anime movie/series. It has an auto-detect function, copy and paste URL method, and its best alternative which is the screen recording feature. Using this tool, it would be easy to do the Bright: Samurai Soul movie download.

Method 1: Auto Detect Download

Step 1: Copy URL

Launch the 9anime site and search for the Bright: Samurai Soul movie. Once you found it, simply click the video and highlight its URL at the top address bar, and copy it.

Bright: Samurai Soul download, copy URL

Step 2: Paste the Copied URL

Instantly open the VideoPower RED software and click the “Detect” button. Paste the copied URL inside the URL box of the software. Click the magnifying glass icon to load for the video

Bright: Samurai Soul download, paste URL

The software will then display a little box in the lower-right corner. This is a notification indicating your video has been detected and has been placed in the download area.

Bright: Samurai Soul download, media file detected

Step 3: Anime Downloading

Once the media file has been recognized, go to the software’s “Downloading” button to watch your movie. Wait a few minutes for it to stream offline.

Bright: Samurai Soul download, downloading

Step 4: Watch Anime Offline

When the downloading is finished, click the “Completed” sign to watch the anime movie you’ve downloaded. Then, right-click the file and select “Open Folder” from the context menu to see where your anime is stored on your computer. You can now watch your anime in offline mode.

Bright: Samurai Soul download, download complete

Method 2: Screen Record the Anime Movie

Step 1: Search the Movie on 9anime

Before you begin recording, you need to prepare the movie you want to be recorded. By doing this, you can be sure that the recording will be smooth. Just launch the 9anime site and search for the Bright: Samurai Soul. Load the video for a while.

Bright: Samurai Soul download, prepare the video for recording

Step 2: Set the Recording Mode

The advantage of this tool is that it provides a selection of recording formats from which to choose.m Simply click the “Record” button under the “Record” menu to select your preferred format. After that, a list of available options will appear for you to choose from.

Bright: Samurai Soul download, select format

Step 3: Initiate Recording

A little box will display once you select a format. Simply select “OK” from the drop-down menu. After then, a three-second countdown will begin.

Bright: Samurai Soul download, countdown

After the countdown, head back to the 9anime site and click the “Play” button of the anime video to have it recorded. You may use the control taskbar of the software to edit your video or to pause or stop recording.

Bright: Samurai Soul download, stop recording

Step 4: Watch your Recorded Anime

The anime will be stored to your recording list right now. If you want to watch it, simply double-click the file. You may also access more options by right-clicking the recorded video.

Bright: Samurai Soul download, complete recording


Bright: Samurai Soul will take you on an emotional journey. You will not tell what will happen in the next scene that makes the audience giggle. However, the animation in this anime isn’t really good. Better yet, make your own review and do the Bright: Samurai Soul download now with a third-party tool.

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