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The 90s aesthetic anime has a signature style that most people recognize. For some, it will bring back childhood memories where you had to run to the television before your favorite anime started playing. It has been a game for most kids to tell their siblings or friends that the commercial is over and they need to hightail it from the bathroom to the living room before they miss anything important in an episode.

The 90s have no luxury of watching shows at any time or pausing an episode if you need to relax. Everything is scheduled for tv programs so each show gets a shot at playing during the day. This means that some shows have an early morning schedule that only dedicated fans will wake up to. For other people, the retro 90s anime aesthetic was the time when they first discovered the anime and all its glory. Download it now using the VideoPower RED or ZEUS.

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Videopower RED (will jump to allows you to download by using links, or the auto-detection located in the embedded browser. It also has a screen record feature as another alternative.

How To Download 90s Aesthetic Anime

The striking aesthetic 90s anime to watch is Sailor Moon, Cowboy bebop, Dragonball Z and much more. You will have endless shows to watch and you will appreciate the animation of that time and how far we have come.

Download 90s aesthetic anime or 90s aesthetic anime movies with Videopower RED. Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rurounin Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho to bring your childhood back to life without any bother.

Method 1: Copy And Paste The URL

Step 1: Copy The URL Of The Anime Video

Using your PC browser, go to your anime streaming site and search for your 90s aesthetic anime. Copy the URL of the episode.

90s aesthetic anime, copy anime url

Step 2: Paste The Copied URL

Launch VideoPower RED and go to the “Download” menu. Click the “Paste URL” button located in the upper left corner. Your URL will be downloaded and will appear in the “Downloading” tab.

90s aesthetic anime, paste anime url

Step 3: Complete Video Download

When the download is complete, the downloaded file will automatically be moved under the “Completed” tab. Right-click to get options like convert, play etc.

90s aesthetic, saved download

Method 2: Screen Record

Step 1: Set The Audio

Select the “Record” menu in your VideoPower RED. On the audio system button, set the audio to the system sound to prevent external noise. You don’t need your external microphone to record an episode.

90s aesthetic, audio setting

Step 2: Set The Record

With the record button, set it to your preferred choice such as region or full screen.

90s aesthetic, record settings

Step 3: Start Recording

A box will appear in front of your screen, press ok and a countdown will start. Make sure your screen is on the video full screen to get everything. A control panel will appear on your screen showing how much you have recorded. You can use it to stop, pause or play the screen recording.

Note: You can show/hide the tool bar using the Ctrl + Alt + E shortcut.

90s anime, screen record anime

Step 4: The Recording Is Over

You can hit the stop record once the video is over, and you’ll see your finished recording on the “Record” menu. Right-click the video to get options like open, convert etc.

90s anime, finished video


The 90s aesthetic anime can bring and create memories that last a lifetime. Relive your glory days to the mysterious anime girls like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura, or travel to historic Japan with Rurounin Kenshin or Inuyasha.Download aesthetic 90s anime to watch with Videopower RED!

Videopower RED allows you to download by using links, or the auto-detection located in the embedded browser. You can screen the record with this software, if the download features are not compatible with your online video! Convert and discover videos to the convert and library menu, respectively. Download the 90s aesthetic anime and rediscover your love for old shows.

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