download ahi no soraThe anime “Ahiru no Sora” depicts high school life where sports are a big part of life. The main character “Sora” joins the basketball club, but the team does not function and is not tolerant of the basketball playing environment. However, “Sora” clashes with the club members, but grows along with his passion for basketball. Will “Sora” be able to achieve his goals, or will he be stuck at rock bottom? Please stay tuned.

YouTube is a site that offers some anime, but you cannot download videos to watch later or save them locally on your computer. Ads appear before you watch an episode or pop out halfway through, which can make viewing a hassle. The best way to download Ahiru no Sora is to use VideoPower RED.

This version of the downloader is a trial version and allows you to download only one video for a maximum of 3 minutes. Upgrading to the full version will allow unlimited and simultaneous downloads of animated videos. Enjoy watching all episodes.

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VideoPower RED is a tool that allows you to download Ahiru no Sora, save, and record other anime episodes you are about to watch for later viewing. The software makes the process of downloading and saving episodes to your computer very easy, as you can simply copy and paste the link address into the application and save the episode to your computer. You can also record the screen until the recording is complete.

Watch Ahiru no Sora trailer here!

Method 1: Copy and paste the link to the VideoPower RED application.

Step 1: Go to the Youtube page and copy the link address.

Copy the link address of the episode you want to download and add to your collection.
download sora ,copy

Step 2: Paste the link to the VideoPower RED application.

Go to the Videopower RED download screen and click “Paste URL”, the application will automatically add subsequent episode links for download if it detects that you have a playlist, fancy right?
anime, paste link address

Step 3: Start downloading

Paste the link address and the download will start automatically.
Download Ahiru no Sora, download process

Step 4: Download Done and Ready to Watch the Episodes

Click the Download menu. Then, click the Completed tab and the video file is there. Right-click the video to see other available options to manage the file.
kubo, finished downloading

Method 2: Use the “RECORD” function.

Step 1: Go to the “Recording” function.

From the application’s main screen, click on the “Record” function.
download ahiru no sora, record

Step 2: Adjust system sound settings

Click the Sound Input button and select an option.
Download anime, audio input

Step 3: Select a video recording format

Click on “RECORD” to see available options.
Today’s recording will be done in the region.
sora, choosing recording mode

Step 4: Start recording

There is an initial countdown, and when it ends, a toolbar pops up. This indicates that the recording has started.
download Ahiru no sora, recording format

Step 5: Video recording complete.

When the recording of the episode is complete, you need to end the recording: press the “Stop” button to end the recording
anime, the recording process is finished

Right-clicking on a recorded video file will bring up additional options for file management.

kubo, the recording process is finished


“Ahiru no Sora” is a one-of-a-kind sports anime that brings us closer to the reality we live in, especially when we are thrown back to the days when we were students and wanted to be popular. This anime proves that even if you think you have hit rock bottom and have no chance of getting back up, fate will always find a way and lead you down the right path.

Watching anime is part of our culture and a tradition that has been passed down to us. Anime in the sports genre is not as popular as fighting, but it is still one of the most interesting genres of anime, especially if you can relate to the characters, download Ahiru no Sora on VideoPower RED. Save the entire series. The application’s features will surely help you save, record, and download files to your computer. Try it now and see for yourself.

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