Chainsaw Man, Chainsaw Man, The Top Anime to WatchAnime Lovers are clamoring about the newest addition to the very long list of top-rated anime. Chainsaw Man is an anime that has a different attack on viewers who want to binge-watch the whole series. The story is compelling, the narrative is good, and the art style is impressive. You can easily stream full episodes of Chainsaw man from KissAnime.

Though you can watch directly from the Kissanime website, it has many ads that pop out thus watching it offline will be better than streaming it online. The ideal way to watch anime offline is to download Chainsaw man using VideoPower RED.

With the use of this anime video downloader trial version, you can download one video at a time. Please upgrade to the full version for unlimited and simultaneous anime video downloading.

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VideoPower RED is software that assists you by letting you record the video episode that you are streaming and save it to your computer for you to watch later offline. In the application, you can use the internal web service function of the app and directly put the link address of the episode to download it automatically alternatively you can record your screen while you just let it play and do other things while you wait for it to finish recording.

Watch Chainsaw Man Trailer Here!

Method 1: Use the Detect Function to Easily Download Chainsaw Man Episode

Step 1: Go to Detect Function on VideoPower RED Application

In the VideoPower RED main screen, go to the “detect” function menu and click it.

chainsaw man, use detect function

Step 2: Copy/Paste the link address of Chainsaw Man to the embedded browserL

Go to the web page of the episode of chainsaw man and copy the link address

chainsaw man, copy link address

Then go to the Videopower RED’s embedded browser and paste the link address.
chainsaw man, paste link address

Step 3: Download Process of Chainsaw Man Episodes

Hit the play button of the video and the software should automatically download it. You can check it under the downloading tab of the “Download” function screen.

chainsaw man, download process

Step 4: Finished Downloading and Ready to watch

Click the Download function menu. Next, click the Completed tab to check if the video is there. You can right-click the video to see other available options to manage the file.

chainsaw man, finished downloading

Method 2: Use the Record Function to Easily Record Chainsaw Man Episodes

Step 1: Go to Record Function Screen of VideoPower RED

In the VideoPower RED main screen, go to the “record” function menu and click it..

chainsaw man, use record function

Step 2: Set the Audio Input for the Video

Click the “Audio input” button to select a sound source.

chainsaw man, setting audio input

Step 3: Choose a Recording Mode

To begin recording your video, we must choose a recording mode first. Go and click the “Record” button near the audio input button, once clicked, a list of different available options will appear for you to choose from.

We will set the recording mode to Full screen this time.

chainsaw man, choosing recording mode

Step 4: Chainsaw Man Episode Recording Begins

After the countdown ended, the toolbar will pop up, this is called the recording toolbar. This indicates that the recording kicked off, press Ctrl+Alt+E to hide the recording toolbar, then play the video to have it recorded.

chainsaw man, begin recording

Step 5: The Recording process is finished

After the Chainsaw man episode is done recording, press Ctrl+Alt+E to show the recording toolbar then click the “Stop” button on the toolbar to end the recording.

chainsaw man, the recording process is finished

The video episode of Chainsaw man that we recorded will be in the Recording list. Right-click the recorded file to see what options you can do with the file

chainsaw man, the recording process is finished


Chainsaw man is an awesome anime and it is hyped! If you ever want to watch an anime that is jumped pact full of action I do recommend watching this anime. This will give you chills and every episode is worth your time.

If you want to binge-watch this anime, I do recommend the best option, use VideoPower RED. The application itself can help you download Chainsaw Man series easily or record each episode efficiently. Chainsaw man is the top anime to watch right now, you wouldn’t want to miss out, do you?

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