Five Nights at Freddy’sBored of watching an anime? Why not enjoy yourself in the trendy game- Five Nights at Freddy’s. This game is very popular nowadays This game was made by Mairusu Paua which is a point-and-click erotic fiction game. The purpose of the game is to work as a night security guard for Freddy’s Anime Convention for five nights. You will not be bored in playing this game since you will have be awaken of the thrill it gives. That is the reason why many are streaming this game. The game’s success spawned a media franchise that includes multiple sequels, spin-offs, novels, and products, as well as a film version in the works. Because of the game’s popularity, it has spawned a slew of knockoffs and fangames.

If you are interested in playing this game, better watch its movie first for you to have an insight about this game. It also has a movie that will serve as your guide. You can find its full movie on Youtube – Five Night’s at Freddy’s. Watch it now and enjoy! If you want to download Five Nights at Freddy’s – Anime Movie using a reliable tool like the VideoPower RED or ZEUS is all you need.

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Method 1: Copy and Paste URL to Download Five Nights at Freddy’s

Step 1: Select Videos to Download- Copy URL

Open your browser and go to the Youtube site. Search for the Five Night’s at Freddy’s movie. Click the video that offers full movie. Once done, highlight the URL at the top address bar and copy it.

download five nights at freddy's, copy URL

Step 2: Open the Software and Paste the URL

Once you copied the URL of the video, simply open the VideoPower RED application and click the “+Paste URL” button. The software will immediately detect the video and will be added to the downloaded queue.

five nights in anime remastered downloaddownload five nights at freddy's, paste URL

Step 3: Video Downloading

The video will be immediately stored under the “Downloading” section of the software. You may see its progress once you visit this section.

downloading anime, downloading

Step 4: Downloaded Video is Complete

Since the movie is quite long, expect that in a few minutes, that movie will be downloaded successfully. To see your movie, just click the “Completed” menu and you will see your downloaded file. To watch your video, just double-click it. If you want to see more options for your file, right-clicking is the best option.

downloading anime, download complete

Method 2: Screen Recording

Step 1: Choose a Video to Record

To do the screen recording function of this tool, you need to prepare and select first the video that you want to be recorded. Just open the Youtube site and select the video you like. Then, load the video first so that no interruptions happen when you begin to record.

record anime, choose a video to record

Step 2: Select a Format for Recording

To begin recording, you should choose first what recording format you will use. To do this, just open the software and click the “Record” menu under the “record” tab. A list of formats like the Region, Fullscreen, Around Mouse, Web Camera, and Only Audio will be your choices. On this page, we will use the “region” for recording as an example.

record anime, choose a video to record

Step 3: Recording the Video

Once you select the format, a new window will appear. Click the “OK” button. A three-second countdown will then appear. Go back to the video you want to be recorded then hit the “play” button. The recording will then begin. If you want to “Pause” or Stop” your recording, just use the control panel of the software.

Note: You may also edit the video while you record.

record anime, start recording

Step 4: Recording Video is Completed

Clicking the “Stop” button of the software will immediately save your recordings. Double-click the file to watch your recorded video. You may also right-click the file to see its location folder.

record anime, complete recording


Five Night’s in Freddy’s is really good gameplay for you. You will be entertained with its game as well as the movie they produce. And because of its terrifying theme, you will be excited and will not be sleepy in playing this video game. Watch and download Five Nights at Freddy’s – Anime Movie and be thrilled!

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