SK8 The InfinityFruits Basket was the first anime series to introduce many people to the medium, and it remains a fan favorite to this day. The original manga by Natsuki Takaya follows Tohru Honda, who lives in a tent after her mother is killed in a car accident until she is adopted by the enigmatic Somas. Tohru soon discovers that 13 members of the family have been cursed by the spiteful spirits of the Chinese zodiac and have been converted into animals when they are embraced by a member of the other sex or when their bodies are subjected to tremendous stress. Thus with the Fruits Basket: The Final anime released, many fans rejoiced as the anime has come to a conclusion akin to the manga. Interested? Watch Fruits Basket: The Final trailer to see for yourself!

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Method 1: Download Fruits Basket The Final via Auto-Detection

Step 1: Copy the URL of the anime episode

Open the anime Fruits Basket: The Final episode you want to download. Copy the URL in the address bar.

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Step 2: Paste the URL in the “Detect” Function to download Fruits Basket The Final

Go to the “Detect” menu and paste the copied URL into the VideoPower RED address field, allowing it to load first to avoid buffering concerns.

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Your video file will then be identified and added to your downloading section, as shown by a notification window.

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Step 3: The Downloading of the Anime Episode Has Begun

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Step 4: Completed Anime Episode Download

The video download is complete. To see your downloaded anime episode, go to the “Complete” area. To begin watching, double-click the file, or right-click the file to get additional choices.

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Method 2: Download Fruits Basket The Final via Screen Recording

Step 1: Choose a recording mode

In VideoPower RED, go to the “Record” function and then select the “Record” button; a dropdown list with recording mode options will display. This presentation will make use of the term “Region.”

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Adjust the area you wish to record by dragging the boundaries or using the adjusting tool. After that, click “OK.”

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Step 2: Begin recording the anime episode to download Fruits Basket The Final!

There will be a countdown. This will give you time to prepare before recording. When you’re ready, click “OK.”

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The recording procedure has begun. Use the recording toolbar to “Pause,” “Annotate,” or “Stop” the recording.

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Step 3: Manage Recorded Anime Episode

By double-clicking the video, you may manage your recorded anime episode. Right-click the video to reveal other choices for the recorded episode.

record anime, record complete


Fruits Basket had an anime adaptation that debuted in 2001, however, it never finished adapting the manga, terminating shortly after Kyo Soma’s basic form was revealed. The anime was redone over 20 years later and received critical praise, with the third season premiering in 2021.

“Fruits Basket” is full of love, laughter, and sadness, and the series finale is especially moving. The spell has finally been broken. Kyo and Tohru express their love for one another, and they eventually marry and have children and grandkids. Yuki leaves for college, leaving his lover, Machi Kuragi, at home. Akito begins a new chapter in her life, and the Somas are free to be themselves.

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