Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact is a role-playing game with “gacha” components that takes place in an open environment. It was developed and published by the Chinese studio “HoYoverse” (formerly known as miHoYo). Players take control of a variety of party members, each with their own set of abilities, weapons, armor, and personalities. Real-time combat enables players to use ranged, melee, and elemental attacks against a wide variety of opponents in the game’s open world and dungeons. It is an online-only adventure with several characteristics similar to popular games as a service (like daily quests, rewards, loot, and other things to keep you checking in).

Meanwhile, Bilibili is a prominent Chinese video streaming website that mostly serves videos in the animation, gaming, and comics sectors. Since its first introduction, it has amassed a large number of users in China and is now available in several other countries. Bilibili has added a live-streaming capability a few years after its first launch to increase interaction between its podcasters and watchers. Bilibili now contains several ongoing and completed animes, which contributes to its popularity. On that topic, many users want to know if they may store Bilibili films in their local storage.

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The quickest and hassle-free way to download Genshin Impact video is by using VideoPower RED (will jump to It enables you to download by copy-pasting URL, using its embedded browser to auto-detect video files, and recording your screens if downloading through those methods isn’t possible. It has flexible options of recording modes such as Region, Fullscreen, Around Mouse, or with Web Camera. It can also convert your videos to be compatible with other devices such as iPhones or iPad. It offers a lifetime subscription so you don’t need to pay monthly fees and can purchase it for an affordable price too!

Using VideoPower RED to Download Genshin Impact Video

Method 1: Auto-Detect Function of Embedded Browser to Download Genshin Impact Video

Step 1: Change “Download” Settings to Ignore Ads

Go to your “Settings” in VideoPower RED.

On the “Download” tab, tick on the checkbox for “Ignore video smaller than (KB), and input “1024”.

This is important if you want to ignore ads in your Bilibili video downloads. These ads tend to be smaller than 1024 KB.

download genshin impact video, modify settings
Step 2: Copy Genshin Impact Video URL from Bilibili

Grab the Genshin Impact video you want to download from  Bilibili, say a compilation of Genshin Impact CGs or a walkthrough. Copy the URL on the address bar.

download genshin bilibili video, copy URL

Step 3: Paste Bilibili URL on the “Detect” Function

Go to the “Detect” menu and paste the copied URL on the address bar on VideoPower RED. Let it load first to avoid buffering issues.

genshin impact bilibili video downloader, paste URL

You’ll then receive a notification popup that your video file is detected and will be added to your downloading section.

genshin impact bilibili download video detected, video detection
Step 4: Genshin Bilibili Video Downloading Has Started

Go to the “Download” menu to check on your genshin bilibili video download. It is located under the “Downloading” tab.

genshin bilibili video downloader 2022, downloading
Step 5: Genshin Bilibili Video Download Complete

The Genshin Bilibili video download is complete. Go to the “Complete” section to see your downloaded genshin bilibili video download. Double-click the file to start watching or right-click the file to see more options available.

genshin impact bilibili download complete, download finished

Method 2: Screen Record to Download Genshin Impact Video

Step 1: Prepare Genshin Impact Video from Bilibili

Grab the Genshin Impact video you want to download from Bilibili, say a compilation of Genshin Impact CGs or a walkthrough to prepare for recording.

download genshin impact video, prepare genshin impact video to record
Step 2: Select Recording Mode
Go to the “Record” function then click the “Record” button in VideoPower RED. A dropdown list will appear with recording mode options to choose from. “Region” will be used for this demonstration.

genshin bilibili video downloader, record genshin in bilibili
Step 3: Select & Adjust Region to Record
Select the region of your screen you want to start recording.

genshin impact video in bilibili to record, record genshin impact bilibili video

Adjust the area you want to record using the adjusting tool or drag the borders. Click “OK” afterward.

genshin bilibili online video, record videos of genshin
Step 4: Start Recording Genshin Bilibili Video!
A countdown will appear. This will give you time to prepare before recording Click “OK” when you’re ready.

genshin video to record in bilibili, record bilibili videos

The recording process has begun. Use the recording toolbar to “Pause” the recording, “Annotate” while recording, or “Stop” recording.

record genshin impact bilibili videos, genshin impact video in bilibili
Step 5: Manage Recorded Genshin Bilibili Video
Manage your recorded Genshin Bilibili video by double-clicking the video. Right-click the video to see more options available for the recorded episode.

genshin impact bilibili video record, record complete


When Genshin Impact originally came out, you could tell it was created primarily for mobile, since the controls on the console seemed a little goofy at times. The fact that you had to navigate through numerous panels to get to the map, as well as a crowded menu system and controls that couldn’t be mapped (at least on console), made it evident that the game was developed with touch devices in mind. As a result, the community has high expectations for the Nintendo Switch version, which may include touch screen controllers or perhaps gyro support.

So it’s no surprise of the popularity of these two combined, it makes sense that Genshin Impact videos are also uploaded in Bilibili as both of them originated from the same country. Thus, a higher volume of users wants to download these videos for entertainment or a playthrough to help them through the game where they are stuck.

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