Haikyuu! is a volleyball anime show that most people look over because there aren’t many sports anime fans. If you see a sports anime, the main focus is on a team where the main character is displayed. Anime like this is common and sometimes blends into the common type of sports anime. The formula for a sports anime was a wonderful players join to an established sports team and carries them to victory in the final competition with a female love interest as a side story.

But Haikyuu!! and other sports anime trying to move away from this formula, more anime fans begin to watch. Haikyuu! was written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. The manga was released in 2012 and earned an anime adaptation in 2014. Both anime and manga were met with a positive response as fans of the show began to show interest in volleyball.

This is a show about Shoyo Hinata becoming a volleyball player because he was inspired by the little giant. The little giant is a volleyball player who despite his small stature has become the ace of the Karasuno Volleyball team. Hinata as a beginner, began his training to become the best volleyball player he could ever be. However, in middle school because there was not a volleyball club, he had to develop himself and train himself with casual volleyball players like adults playing for fun.

He met his first volleyball rival, Tobio Kageyama, a prodigy who earned the nickname The King of the court. Haikyuu does not focus on one character but you will see the characters and teams they play against. You love the Haikyuu characters and their individual stories, and from Haikyuu!!: To The Top is out of more anime to watch. Watch and Download Haikyuu Anime Series!! with VideoPower RED or ZEUS to get the inspiration and motivation from Team Karasuno and all other volleyball teams.

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How To Download Haikyuu!!

Method 1: Detect Haikyuu Anime Series

Step 1: Go To The Embedded Browser

Launch your VideoPower RED and go to the “Detect” menu. Open 9anime by typing in the browser bar. Find the video you are planning to watch.

Volleyball anime, embedded browser

Step 2: Auto Download

Play the episode and the software will immediately see the file to download it for you.

Volleyball, direct download

Step 3: Download

Go to the “Download” tab and you’ll see in the “Downloading” section the processing video.

get anime, download queue

Step 4: Video Completed

Go to the “Completed” section to find the finished video. Right-click to have the option to play, convert, open folder etc.

Volleyball, direct download finish

Method 2: Screen Record Haikyuu Anime Series

Step 1: Set The Audio Input

Launch VideoPower RED and go to the “Record” tab. On the audio system button, set the audio to system sound to prevent external noise. You don’t need your external microphone to record an episode.

Haikyuu!!, audio setting

Step 2: Set The Record Mode

With the record button, set it to your preferred type such as region or full screen. Once set you will go straight to the recording feature.

Haikyuu!!, record setting

Step 3: Start Recording

A box will appear in front of your screen, press “OK” and a countdown will start. Make sure your video screen is set to full screen to get everything. A control panel will appear on your screen showing how much you have recorded, it will help you pause and stop recording.

Note: Use the Ctrl + Alt + E shortcut to show/ hide the recording toolbar.

shoujo show, screen recording

Step 4: The Recording Is Over

You can hit the stop record once the video is over, and you’ll see your finished recording on the “Record” tab. Right-click the recording to see options like open folder, play etc.

shoujo show, saved recording


Haikyuu!! influenced many anime fans to try volleyball or other sports. This is the kind of show that motivates you to exercise or do other high-energy activities. Follow Hinata, Kageyama and other members of Team Karasuno and download the Haikyuu Anime series!! with Videopower RED. This is the available number of an anime downloader!

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