MyAnimelist, Download MyAnimelist videos MyAnimelist is also known as MAL, claims to have the largest collections of Anime and Manga in their archives. This site becomes popular with most users because of its up-to-date anime or manga series and its easy-to-use user interface. This streaming site is proud of its anime social networking capabilities where it allows users to interact with other users by reading reviews, find people with the same interest, or create a fan club. It also helps users to create their own list of anime to watch later.

This anime site is also very easy to navigate. To browse your favorite videos, their search box tool is very helpful. You can even search clips by movie characters. With all these great anime videos and clips, It would be much convenient to be able to download MyAnimeList videos.

VideoPower RED (will jump to is very helpful to easily download MyAnimeList videos for PC. It is a powerful tool that allows the easy and fast download of MyAnimeList videos through its advanced features. This tool is safe to use in downloading anime videos.

You can try to use this MyAnimelist downloader free trial version by clicking the link below.
With the Free version of MyAnimelist Downloader, you could download one video or audio at the same time.
For unlimited and batch MyAnimelist video downloading, please upgrade to the full version.

VideoPower RED for Windows Free Download

Detect and Download MyAnimeList Videos through Embedded Browser

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Step 1: Exclude Ads and Download MyAnimelist Videos

Launch VideoPower RED, before getting started, Set the Download settings to ignore videos smaller than 1024KB (1MB), so that most of the ads will be excluded during the downloads.

Download MyAnimelist Videos, ignore ads

Step 2: Play and Download MyAnimelist videos on built-in browser

VideoPower RED has a built-in browser where you can open any websites you like. The Auto-detection works by detecting the video playing in the built-in browser.

To download the anime video from MyAnimeList open the video on the built-in browser and search for the video you want to download. Click the “Download” button on the video.

Download MyAnimelist Videos, embedded browser

A pop-up box will appear to inform you that the video is added to the downloading list.

grab anime, embedded browser

Step 3: Check the Download of MyAnimelist videos

Once detected, the video will automatically be added to the downloading list under the “Downloading” tab.

grab video, check the progress

Step 4: MyAnimelist video download completed

Once the download process is completed, It will automatically be added to the completed list under the “Completed” tab. Right-click the video file to see more options.

grab video, video complete

Record Screen to save MyAnimeList Video

This VideoPower RED’s method is also applicable to ZEUS BUNDLE, ZEUS BUNDLE LITE, ZEUS RECORD, and ZEUS RECORD LITE which is a brother product of VideoPower Series. It contains the same strong function but can start with cheaper and more affordable prices.

Step 1: Select the recording mode

From the software main panel, click the “Record” menu and select the preferred recording mode from the available options such as Full Screen, Region, By Mouse, Web Camera, or Audio only. Once screen mode is selected, a countdown to start will appear.

record myanimelist video, choose recording mode

Step 2: Start recording MyAnimelist videos

After the countdown, a small box of recording options will pop-up. Click pause or stop if necessary.
record myanimelist video, start recording

Step 3: Open the recorded MyAnimeList video

Once the recording is done, the recorded file will automatically be added to your record list. Right-click the video to see more options available such as Play, Convert, Remove selected, Clear task list, Rename, or Open the folder.
record myanimelist video, play recorded myanimelist video


MyAnimeList offers a lot for its viewers. From anime videos to manga. However, some videos aren’t available yet in other countries and there is no available option to download which is a big downside. But all in all, this site is highly recommended.

Since the site does not offer a download option, with the use of VideoPower RED (will jump to, the download MyAnimeList videos is easier and faster through its advanced features like the video auto-detection function. It can also download videos from a Website like YouTube, Dailymotion, and many more. Moreover, the software doesn’t limit its functions to downloading but can also do more through its added features such as the Convert tool and built-in editor for basic editing.