Rakshasa street is a Chinese anime that has been floating around since 2017. The anime took place on Rakshasa street, a place where both spirits and people could coexist. To maintain peace, Cao Yan Bing and Cao Xuan Liang must fight evil to achieve order. Downloading Rakshasa street will allow you to watch this anime offline!

If you want to binge for the first time with your friends, here are some download methods you can try on VideoPower RED or ZEUS will provide uninterrupted episodes because you do not rely on the internet to stream it.

Download Rakshasa street season1 from Youtube by using the free trial version VideoPower RED below!

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How To Download Rakshasa Street

Method 1: Copy And Paste The Rakshasa Street URL 

Step 1: Copy The Rakshasa Street Video URL

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube and search for Rakshasa street season 1. Copy the URL of each episode or playlist link.

download Rakshasa Street, copy anime link

Step 2: Paste The Copied Rakshasa Street URL

Launch VideoPower RED and go to the download tab. Click the “Paste URL” button located in the upper left corner. You can download Rakshasa street episodes one at a time or use the playlist and select the episodes you want to download at once.

download Rakshasa Street, download anime

Step 3: Complete Raksahasa Street Video Download

When the download is complete, the downloaded file will automatically be moved under the “Completed” tab.

download Rakshasa Street, finished download

Method 2: Screen Record Rakshasa Street

Step 1: Set The Audio

On the audio system button, set the audio to the system sound to prevent external noise. You don’t need your external microphone to record an episode.

Rakshasa Street, screen recording

Step 2: Set The Record

Select the “Record” tab in your VideoPower RED. In the record button, set it to your preferred choice such as region or full screen.

Rakshasa Street, screen record anime

Step 3: Start Recording The Rakshasa Street Episode

A box appears in front of your screen asking if everything is ready. Press ok and a countdown will start. Make sure your screen is on video across the screen to get everything. A control panel will appear on your screen showing how much you have recorded.

Note: Use Ctrl + Alt + E to show/hide the recording toolbar.

Rakshasa Street, recording

Step 4: The Recording Of The Rakshasa Street Episode Is Over

You can hit the stop record once the video is over, and you’ll see your finished recording on the record tab.

Rakshasa, finished screen record


Rakshasa Street may seem like a simple supernatural anime, but if you follow the story you will soon be fascinated by the plot, characters, and aesthetic it brings. Walk down Rakshasa street and enjoy the beautiful battle sequences with VideoPower RED! You can download by using links, auto-detect or screen records using this software! You can also convert and discover videos in the convert and library tab. Download Rakshasa street now!

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