Salaryman's ClubAre you into Sports anime? Then you need to check out Salaryman’s Club also known as Ryman’s Club. It is one of the underrated anime gems which runs from January 30th, 2022 to April 17th, 2022. Just by looking at the anime poster, you will instantly get hooked by the amazing visuals of all characters.

On the other perspective, this anime offers you more than just the visuals. It shows a different side of sportsmanship focusing on adult life. Salaryman’s Club shows us that it is possible to have a good balance in your work life, adulting stuff, and your passion for sports. If you love playing badminton, this is definitely for you!

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Watch the Salaryman’s Club Full Trailer Here!

Method 1: Copy and Paste the Anime Video URL to Download Salaryman’s Club

Step 1: Copy the anime video URL

Using your PC browser, open the Salaryman’s Club episode to download on Dailymotion, and copy its URL from the top address bar.

download salarymans club, copy url

Step 2: Paste the copied anime video URL

Open the VideoPower RED and click the “Paste URL” button.

download salarymans club, paste url

Step 3: Downloading the anime video

The video will be processed for download under the “Downloading” tab.

download salarymans club, downloading the video

Step 4: Anime download is completed

When the download is completed, it will be moved to the “Completed” tab.

download salarymans club, download complete

You may also right-click the downloaded video to see more options.

download salarymans club, see more options

Method 2: Record the Salaryman’s Club Episode on Dailymotion

Step 1: Go to the “Record” function screen

On the VideoPower RED main screen, click the “Record” function menu.

download salaryman's club, record function menu

Step 2: Set the audio input

On the “Record” function screen, click the “Audio input” button to select the sound source. By default, the audio input is set to “System sound.

download salaryman's club, audio input

Step 3: Choose a recording mode

Before you start recording, you need to select a recording mode first. To do this, click the “Record” button and select a recording mode from the dropdown list. For repeated recordings, the button may show as “Start” as it automatically set the recording mode based on the most recently used.

In this example, we will set the recording mode to “Region”.

download salaryman's club, recording mode

Step 4: Select a recording area

Drag the pointer to select a recording area.

download salaryman's club, select a recording area

The custom recording area toolbar will pop up. Click “OK” to continue.

download salaryman's club, custom recording area toolbar

Step 5: Begin the anime recording

A confirmation box will prompt asking if you are ready to begin. Make sure to prepare the anime video for the recording. Click “OK” to proceed.

download salaryman's club, confirmation prompt

After the countdown, the recording toolbar will pop up which indicates that the recording has begun. Play the anime video to have it recorded.

download salaryman's club, recording begins

Step 6: Finished recording the anime video

When the recording is finished, click “Stop” on the recording toolbar to end the recording.

download salaryman's club, stop recording

All recorded files are added to the recording list. You may right-click the recorded file to see more options.

download salaryman's club, manage recorded file


Watching Salaryman’s Club is an enthralling and refreshing sports anime. Unlike most of the sports anime that focuses on student-athletes, this anime shows what it likes to be an adult and an athlete.

The series of badminton play-offs and tactics are very interesting. This is surely one of the highlights of the year 2022. Watch this anime now for free on Dailymotion including all episodes or download Salaryman’s Club on Dailymotion with VideoPower RED and watch offline. VideoPower RED makes your downloads easier and faster with lots of additional tools to check out!

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