Vampire in the GardenVampire in the Garden was recently premiered on Netflix which garnered mixed reactions from viewers. So much so that a lot of the consumers of these anime debated to download Vampire in the Garden in the comfort of their own homes. It is an original Japanese net anime series of Wit studio production and directed by Ryoutarou Makihara. The supposed premiere date on Netflix was 2021 but got delayed until 2022.

This dark fantasy anime series set the story where vampires rule over humanity. There live a young girl named Momo who wishes to live peacefully with the vampires instead of fighting until she met Fine, the vampire queen. They both go on a journey to find Paradise. If you wonder how to download Vampire in the Garden anime from Netflix, the easiest solution is to use a handy screen recorder tool to record the anime show. The most recommended screen recorder you can use is VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS.   

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VideoPower GREEN (will jump to offers a flexible screen recorder that retains the high-quality definition of the anime show. It has an easy-to-use interface which is perfect even for non-technical users. Wide options are also available for easy customizations. With VideoPower GREEN, no need to be complicated as it makes everything easy and gets the job perfectly for you!

Watch the Vampire in the Garden Trailer here!

Watch the trailer video of the Vampire in the Garder below to get the hype!

Download Vampire in the Garden from Netflix through Screen Recording

Step 1: Prepare the video you want to record

On your PC browser, open the Netflix website, log in to your account, and find the Vampire in the Garden anime. Open the anime video and click pause at the beginning of the video.

download vampire in the garden, prepare the video for recording

Step 2: Choose an audio input

Open VideoPower GREEN and set the audio input to “System Sound”. This allows the software to record the audio on from your computer.

download vampire in the garden, select audio input

Step 3: Set your preferred recording mode

Click the “Record” function menu and select your preferred recording mode from the dropdown list such as Fullscreen, Region, Audio, Web Camera, and Around Mouse.

In this example, we will set the recording mode to Region.

anime screen recorder, choose a recording mode

Step 4: Customize the recording Area

Click and drag down your pointer to make your recording boundary.

anime downloader alternative, select recording area

Once you have selected a recording area, a toolbar will pop up where you can customize the selected area as preferred. To proceed, click the “OK” button.

record anime movie, customize the area

Step 5: Play the video and begin the recording

A three seconds countdown will be displayed indicating the recording will begin. Once it reaches zero, play the anime video to have it recorded.

The recording toolbar will also pop up to where you can Pause to halt the recording, enable Annotation, enable the webcam, etc.

recording netflix movies, begin the recording

Step 6: Manage the recorded file

When the anime video ends, click “Stop” to end the recording.

recording netflix video, stop the recording

The recorded anime video will be added to your Record list. Manage the recorded video by right-clicking the recorded file to see more options such as Preview, Edit, Open Folder, etc.

record netflix video, manage recorded files


Regardless of the mixed reactions received, Vampire in the Garden is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. The animation is smooth. The thrill and action are superb! It is rated as TV-14 which means that it is not suitable for 14 ages and under. The parents need to be aware of this. This is due to the violence and language used in some scenes.

If you are curious about what this anime could offer, you can stream it on Netflix or download Vampire in the Garden in Netflix through the screen recording function of VideoPower GREEN

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