myreadingmanga, download video from myreadingmangaIf you consider yourself an anime BL (Boys love) fan, then this website is definitely not new to you. With hundreds of collections of videos, mangas, and a place for Fujoshi (a term associated with women who enjoy male same-sex stories) and Fudanshi (a male term for fujoshi) to exchange discussions and stories.

With the current rising trend for appreciation of BL stories, many people are hooked on the uncommon yet very charming way to unfold a same-sex romance between two men. Due to the pandemic that started in the year 2020, many people, especially young women are drawn to the enigmatic storylines and plotlines that this type of genre has to offer. Because of this, many BL manga, manhua, and anime series have been and will be launched internationally. With these countless collections, all BL fans can enjoy MyReadingManga. Aside from the download video from MyReadingManga method, there’s always the best alternative way like VideoPower RED or ZEUS to get a copy of your favorite BL anime – if you’re having a hard time downloading them.

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By using VideoPower RED (will jump to you can easily download multiple videos at once, record videos, and even convert your saved videos in your desired file format.

Download Video from MyReadingManga Alternative – Screen Recording

Step 1: Go To

First, (1) open your browser and type then search your favorite BL anime series or episodes. To ensure that the quality of your record is the best, (2) set the settings of the video in its highest quality (if there’s an available option) if none, the video will automatically play in its highest quality depending on your internet speed.

download video from myreadingmanga, go to site

Step 2: Choose the recording mode

When the video is all set for recording, open VideoPower RED and on the Record Tab, click the downward arrow to open available recording settings. You can choose your screen recording video on region, full screen, around the mouse, using a webcam or via only audio.

After choosing the recording setting, an automated countdown will begin and once it reaches O, the screen recording will automatically start.

download video from myreadingmanga, choose record mode

Step 3: Start recording

When the screen recording begins, simply go back to your browser and (1) start Playing the video from the very beginning. Don’t forget to select (2) Full-Screen mode. During Recording, a (3) mini-taskbar from the software will appear for basic recording actions such as pause/play, stop, and many more.

When the video ends or you want to end your recording, simply click the Stop button on the mini-taskbar to automatically be redirected from the library tab of VideoPower Red.

*Note: You don’t have to worry about the external noise as VideoPower RED records audio internally. That means that whatever is producing sounds on your computer, will be recorded. So make sure that the only sound is coming from the video you’re recording.*

record anime, start recording

Step 4: Recording Completed.

The recorded video is saved as mp4 on default, so you don’t need to convert it to watch on your android devices or any devices. To play the video, simply double-click the recording or you can right-click the file to open tasks such as rename, delete, and open-folder.

record bl, record complete


In just 4 simple basic steps you’re now a pro video screen recorder! You can now easily record your favorite BL videos or screen record mangas in MyReadingAnime for your personal viewing and collection.

Because of its continuous rising number of fans and how BL stories are more widely accepted now than before, a same-sex story relationship with 2 men, or women (often called Girls Love or Yuri) will promote more diversity, inclusivity, and openness to society. Although stories and plotlines vary per series or content, the fact that loves transcends beyond sex or gender, gives perplexing thrill and satisfaction to most of its avid viewers.

With hundreds of collections, you can easily download video from myreadingmanga website by also VideoPower RED. For specific videos which are not possible for downloading offline, you can always try and approach the recording method which will be as good as a downloaded high-quality video.

With VideoPower RED, you will never run out of BL series and episodes to watch and download/record in just a few clicks.

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