In the magical world of Earth-land, wizards rule the world! With numerous powerful guilds to choose from, a wizard can enter and choose jobs to perform and earn money. The story centers on the main protagonist, Natsu Dragneel. A dragon slayer wizard who joined the Fairy Tail Guild to train and become more powerful – and continue searching for his missing dragon father. Just from the first episode of the first season- the story of friendships slowly unfolds throughout the series. Fairy tail anime has been the impetus for a good anime plot.

More than 300 episodes to binge-watch,  fans can indulge in their guilty pleasures by downloading their favorite episodes, original soundtracks, and other video clips from the web. By downloading VideoPower RED or ZEUS viewers can watch all their favorite fairy tail anime episodes and watch their favorite fairy tail anime characters’ stories unfold. Watch how every character changes from bad to good and some good characters stray to a more dangerous path.

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Good thing, the easiest and most convenient way to download all of your favorite fairy tail anime is by using VideoPower RED (will jump to that can download multiple videos at once, record videos, and even convert your saved videos in your desired file format.

Method 1: Download Fairy Tail Anime

Step 1:Copy Video URL

The first step is to go to Youtube or any video streaming platform you love. Go to the search bar and type the title of the fairy tail anime you want to download. After checking the video, copy the video URL located on the top search bar of your browser.
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Step 2: Paste Video URL

Open VideoPower Red and select the Download Tab. Then just by clicking “Paste URL” the download will automatically start based on the copied video’s URL.
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Step 3: Downloading

After clicking the “Paste URL” your video will automatically start downloading on the “Downloading” section of the tab. Wait a few minutes till your fairy tail anime video is done.
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Step 4: Video download completed.

After a few minutes, the download is now finished and you can go to the “Completed” tab to check the fairy tail anime video you’ve downloaded. To see other tasks for the file, you can simply right-click on the video for possible tasks such as Play, Rename, Delete from Hard Disk, and Open Folder.

Method 2: Record Fairy Tail Anime

Step 1: Open VideoPower RED

Open the software then click the “Record” button. After this, a multitude of setting options can be chosen to record the video such as record by region, full screen, around the mouse, etc.
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Step 2: Start Recording

After launching and choosing the desired settings for recording, a countdown will start and automatic recording will occur. Go to the Fairy Tail anime video you’ve chosen earlier and click play on the video to start its recording. A mini-task bar window for the recorder will appear on the screen – on which you can choose multiple actions such as pause or stop.

*Make sure to hide the recording toolbar by dragging it down out of the screen recording frame.*
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Step 3: Play Your Recorded Video

To finish recording, simply click the ‘stop’ button and you will be automatically redirected to the “Library” section of the Recording Tab. There, you will see the recorded Fairy Tail anime and by simply double-clicking the file, you can start watching your finished record.
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From the rollercoaster of emotions that these fairy tail anime characters give; fans really could not get enough of each characters’ story progression and redemption arc. Fairy tail anime is simply one of the best anime fantasy genres out there. From the story of friendships, overcoming hardships, and tear-jerking scenes – every scene is worth capturing.

By using VideoPower RED you can never worry about downloading your favorite fairy tail anime episodes. If downloading is not possible, you can always opt for the recording option to save your favorite anime clips, scenes, soundtracks, and more.

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