Heaven's Official BlessingHeaven Official’s Blessing narrates the narrative of a prince who has attained godhood three times in the previous 800 years, the first two times being exiled back to human life, but the third time he vows to keep his godhood. He swiftly comes into touch with a high-ranking demon who appears to have been watching him for some time. It was the first Chinese animation to be broadcast on Funimation and was produced by Bilibili Productions.

Anime is art at its heart; whether digital or hand-drawn, creators put hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into an episode. However, not all anime is made equal, and Heaven Official’s Blessing is an example of the gold standard. While this is a Chinese donghua rather than a Japanese anime, the aesthetics make it well worth seeing. 

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Method 1: Embedded Browser’s Auto-Detection to Do Heaven Official’s Blessing Download

Step 1: Modify settings to “Ignore Ads.”

In VideoPower RED, go to “Settings.”

On the “Download” tab, choose “Ignore video less than (KB)” and enter “1024”.

This is necessary if you wish to avoid advertisements in your Bilibili video downloads. These advertisements are often less than 1024 KB in size.

heaven official’s blessing download, change download settings

Step 2: Copy the URL of the anime episode from Bilibili.

Choose the Heaven Official’s Blessing episode from Bilibili that you wish to download. Take note of the URL in the address bar.

heaven official’s blessing download, copy episode URL

Step 3: Paste the Bilibili URL into the “Detect” Function.

Go to the “Detect” menu and paste the copied URL into the VideoPower RED address field, allowing it to load first to avoid buffering concerns.

heaven official blessing downloader, paste episode URL

Your video file will then be identified and added to your downloading section, as shown by a notification window.

heaven official’s blessing video detected, episode detection

Step 4: The Downloading of Bilibili Video Has Begun

To check the status of your Bilibili video download, go to the “Download” option. It may be found under the “Downloading” menu.

bilibili anime downloader 2022, downloading episode

Step 5: Completed Bilibili Video Download

The video download for Bilibili is complete. To see your downloaded Heaven Official’s Blessing, go to the “Complete” area. To begin watching, double-click the file, or right-click the file to get additional choices.

download complete heaven official’s blessing, episode download finished

Method 2: Heaven Official’s Blessing Download via Screen Recording

Step 1: Prepare the video from Bilibili

Choose the Heaven Official’s Blessing episode from Bilibili that you wish to download to prepare for recording.

heaven official’s blessing download, prepare episode to record

Step 2: Choose a recording mode.

In VideoPower RED, go to the “Record” function and then select the “Record” button; a dropdown list with recording mode options will display. This presentation will make use of the term “Region.”

episode downloader for heaven official’s blessing, record chinese anime

Step 3: Choose and Modify the Recording Region

Choose the area of your screen where you wish to begin recording.

heaven official’s blessing to record, record bilibili anime

Adjust the area you wish to record by dragging the boundaries or using the adjusting tool. After that, click “OK.”

bilibili online anime, record videos of heaven official’s blessing

Step 4: Begin screencasting your Bilibili video!

There will be a countdown. This will give you time to prepare before recording. When you’re ready, click “OK.”

bilibili anime video to record, record bilibili anime

The recording procedure has begun. Use the recording toolbar to “Pause,” “Annotate,” or “Stop” the recording.

record heaven official’s blessing, heaven official’s blessing in bilibili

Step 5: Manage Bilibili Anime Recording

By double-clicking the video, you may manage your recorded Bilibili anime episode. Right-click the video to reveal other choices for the recorded episode.

record bilibili heaven official’s blessing anime, record complete


This show oozes beauty, from the music to the animation to the pristine design of the universe. The effort put into Heaven Official’s Blessing shows through, making the presentation that greater. In conclusion, this anime is certainly worth watching, especially if all you want to do is sit back and enjoy thirteen episodes of pure beauty.

It is a huge fantasy story based on some very non-human beings with very human qualities. It’s an epic adventure that will most likely take the animators years to finish, but the wait will be well worth it. This story contains something for everyone who has hope for mankind, and the narrative rewards are great. This is merely the first step, but like with every trip, it must begin with one.

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