Itazura na Kiss AnimeItazura na Kiss (ItaKiss for short) is a 2008 anime romantic comedy featuring Kotoko Aihara, a lively and immature girl who has a crush on a gorgeous and popular senior at her school. Naoki Irie, who is recognized for excelling in both academics and athletics, is used to girls admiring him and rejects Kotoko. Soon later, an earthquake destroys Kotoko’s house, and she is forced to live at her father’s best friend’s house for the time being until their house is restored. Naoki is surprised to realize that he swiftly develops protective and romantic feelings for Kotoko, after previously rejecting her and believing she is unduly clingy.

While the ItaKiss manga was a big success, with many live-action shows based on it, the 2008 anime adaptation was not as highly appreciated. Interested in this anime? The best to have an Itazura na Kiss anime download in KissAnime is with VideoPower RED and ZEUS.

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VideoPower RED (will jump to, is the best tool to have an Itazura na Kiss anime download eng sub any time, anywhere! It enables you to download by copy-pasting URL, using its embedded browser to auto-detect video files, and recording your screens. It has flexible options of recording modes such as Region, Fullscreen, Around Mouse, or with Web Camera. It can also convert your videos to be compatible with other devices such as iPhones or iPad.

Method 1: Auto-Detect Function of Embedded Browser

Step 1: Customize Settings to Ignore Ads

Go to your “Settings” in VideoPower RED. Click  “Ignore video smaller than (KB), and input “1024” on the “Download” tab. This is important if you don’t want to download the ads from KissAnime videos as they are usually smaller than 1024 KB.

itazura na kiss anime download, modify settings

Step 2: Copy Itazura na Kiss Video URL

Grab the Itazura na Kiss episode in KissAnime and copy the URL on the address bar.

itazura na kiss anime download, copy URL

Step 3: Paste URL on the Embedded Browser

Go to the “Detect” menu and enter the copied URL on the address bar on VideoPower RED.

itazura na kiss anime download, paste URL

You’ll receive a notification that your video file is detected and will be added to your downloading section.

itazura na kiss anime download, video detection

Step 4: Itazura na Kiss Anime in Downloading Section

Go to the “Download” menu to check on your KissAnime episode download. It is located under the “Downloading” tab.

itazura na kiss anime download, downloading anime

Step 5: Itazura na Kiss Download Complete

The KissAnime episode download is now complete. Go to the “Complete” section to see your downloaded Itazura na Kiss episode. Double-click the file to start watching or right-click the file to see more options available.

videopower red download, download complete

Method 2: Screen Record Itazura na Kiss Anime

Step 1: Open Paradise Kiss Anime Episode

Open the Paradise Kiss episode in KissAnime to prepare for recording.

record anime, prepare Itazura na Kiss episode

Step 2: Select Record Mode

On VideoPower RED, go to the “Record” function then click the “Record” button. A dropdown list will appear with recording mode options to choose from. “Region” will be used for this example.

videopower red download, record paradise kiss

Step 3: Select & Adjust Record Area

Select the part of your screen you want to record.

videopower red recording, select area

Adjust the region you want to record using the adjusting tool or drag the borders. Click “OK” if done.

videopower red recording, adjust region

Step 4: Start Recording Paradise Kiss Episode!

A countdown will appear. This is so you can prepare first before you start recording. Click “OK” when you’re ready.

videopower red download, record kissanime episodes

You are now in the process of recording. Use the recording toolbar to “Pause” the recording, “Annotate” while recording or “Stop” recording.

videopower red download, record kissanime episodes

Step 5: Paradise Kiss Episode Recording Complete

Watch your recorded Paradise Kiss episode by double-clicking the video. Right-click the video to see more options available.

videopower red download, recording complete


As romantic comedies became more popular in the early 2000s, the decade produced a slew of excellent anime for viewers to enjoy. The genre provides a great combination of delight for fans to escape from reality, with lighter comedy and heart-fluttering romance. Itazura na Kiss is quite an underrated classic yet a great recommendation to watch and download for romantic comedy enthusiasts everywhere.

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