Mieruko ChanMieruko chan anime is the newest animated series that centers around Miko, the protagonist, who can see monsters everywhere. Her gift, although she pretends not to notice, is actually starting to scare her. The new anime series is a horror/comedy series that anime fans will appreciate. Adapted from the manga with the same name, the series will delve deep into the story of Miko as she braves her way through her special gift.

Releasing new episodes every Sunday, Mieruko chan episode 3 release date was on the 17th of October. You can stream Mieruko Chan on different anime-streaming sites such as GoGoAnime.

Because of this, many fans wanted to grab a copy of these new episodes for offline watching. However, due to some anime websites downloading restrictions – sometimes direct downloading is not possible. By the use an alternative tool like VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS it is indeed possible.

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Recording a high-quality anime episode is definitely achievable by using VideoPower GREEN (will jump to videopower.me). The software is more than capable of screen recording high-quality resolution anime with crisp and clear sound. This method is preferred if direct downloading is not possible.

How to Record Mieruko Chan Anime

Step 1: Prepare Video Source

Using your browser go to www.gogoanime.pe and search for Demon Slayer and the episode you want to record. Click the video and let it load completely.
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Step 2: Set Recording Area

Open VideoPower GREEN and click on the Record Button. Then, select the recording area you want to include in your screen recording. The settings available are Full Screen, Region, Audio, Web-camera or Around the mouse.

For this tutorial, we’re going to use the Region mode.

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Step 3: Start Recording

After selecting the area you want to record. A countdown will start for automatic screen recording.

When the countdown reaches Zero, play the video to start recording.

During recording, a toolbar will float on the screen, make sure that it is not inside the recording area so it will not be captured during the recording. On the toolbar, you can click actions such as Pause or Stop recording.

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Step 4: Record Complete

After the video is complete, click the stop button on the recording taskbar to save. You will then be redirected to the Recording library section. Double-click the file to toggle auto-play or you can right-click for other tasks such as rename, open-folder, etc.
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With new episodes releasing every Sunday, Mieruko chan anime fans can now have a weekly animated series to wait. Through GoGoAnime, you can stream the Mieruko Chan online for free. However, due to some restrictions, sometimes downloading from the site can be risky because of potential malware, ads, and redirects.

With the help of VideoPower GREEN, fans can easily record high-quality Chan Anime without a hassle. The software is also capable of internal audio recording so users won’t have to worry about external noises affecting the record. Because of this, anime fans have the best alternative option to grab their favorite anime series and episodes without breaking a sweat.

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