With nothing to live for, a 34-year-old man is tried to commit suicide by saving lives of a teenager from a car accident. After accepting his death, he was reborn as a baby from an alternate magical universe. With the memory he had when he was an ordinary human being, Rudeus Greyrat pledged to himself that he’s going to live the best of his life to get a second chance. And probably because of this second chance, he may have found the things he never had in his previous life – love.

Mushoku Tensei is slowly becoming popular for anime-lovers this day. Because of its wit, incredible animation and amazing storyline, its fan base are slowly growing in numbers. Set in the medieval fantasy timeline, Mushoku Tensei anime is an animated adaptation from the manga of the same name. Premiered last January 2021, fans could hardly wait for mushoku tensei anime season 2 release date – which is expected around 2022 or 2023.

Ever since its release, some anime-fans wanted to watch and waited for a long time for the English dub release. Luckily, Gogoanime is one of the most updated anime-streaming sites online. It hosts numerous anime series in English dub and other language sub as well. This includes Mushoku Tensei English dub version. Although the site is free from streaming, direct downloading from the site can sometimes be quite a hassle. With endless pop-up ads, redirects and potential malwares, sometimes the best option is either, download them or record them using the VideoPower RED or ZEUS.

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By using VideoPower RED (will jump to videopower.me), users can have the best of both worlds. An impeccable video downloader and at the same time provides high-quality screen recording that almost looks like a downloaded video file.

Method 1: Mushoku Tensei Video Download

Step 1: Copy URL

Open your browser and go to www26.gogoanimes.tv/ and search Mushoku Tensei English Dub version. Click on the episode you want to download then copy the URL from the top search bar.
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Step 2: Paste URL on Embedded Browser

Launch VideoPower RED and click the Detect Tab. From the built-in search bar paste the copied URL and wait for the page to load.
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Step 3: Downloading

By playing the video, the auto-detect download feature will be prompted. Click the Download Tab to check the downloading queue.
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Step 4: Download Complete

After a few minutes, your download is now complete. Simply click the COMPLETED section and you will see your downloaded file. To play, double-click the video file.

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Method 2: Record

Step 1: Prepare Video Source

From your browser, go to www26.gogoanimes.tv and search for Mushoku Tensei English dub version. Let the page and video load completely.
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Step 2: Set Recording Area

Launch VideoPower RED and click the Record Tab. Then, click the Record button to choose among screen recording settings.
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Step 3: Recording

After selecting the area you want to record. A countdown will start for automatic screen recording.

When the countdown reaches Zero, play the video to start recording.

During recording, a toolbar will float on the screen, make sure that it is not inside the recording area so it will not be captured during the recording. On the toolbar, you can click actions such as Pause or Stop recording.

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Step 4: Record Complete

After the video is complete, click the stop button on the recording taskbar to save. You will then be redirected to the Recording library section. Double-click the file to toggle auto-play or you can right-click for other tasks such as rename, open-folder, etc.
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Because of multiple ways to grab a copy of Mushoku Tensei anime English dub version, users and fans will have the easiest time to binge-watch. No more pop-up ads, or redirects. No need to download other third-party software, because by using VideoPower RED, you can download almost all anime.

Since the release of Mushoku Tensei, anime fans and viewers can now easily immerse themselves in a new world Rudy is reborn at. Catch-up with the other Mushoku Tensei characters as they explore and train hard to become the best sorcerer of their world.

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