Platinum End AnimePlatinum End anime is one of the most awaited anime this season. Centered around the story of a young boy named Mirai Kakehashi. After the death of his parents, Mirai is left under the care of his abusive relatives. Because of this, he turned depressed – and plans to commit suicide on the evening of his school graduation. Just before he died, he was saved by his guardian angel who gave him another chance – and granted him supernatural powers and a chance to become the new god.

The manga of the same name became a hit sensation because of the thrill and excitement of the story. Twelve human beings with supernatural powers fight each other to become the new god.

With the recent release of Platinum End anime episode, 1 this October 8, 2021, many fans wanted to watch the premiere.

GogoAnime is one of the best anime streaming sites. Because of their frequent updates and thousands of anime collections, the platinum end can be streamed on the site. However, because of pop-up ads, redirects, and the potential of malware infecting your PC computer – watching them offline is a preferred way. Use the VideoPower RED or ZEUS to download your anime.

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By using VideoPower RED (will jump to, users and fans can easily download Platinum end anime ep 1 on Gogoanime. By using the software, users can easily download or record other anime they like on other anime-streaming sites. No more downloading other party software because this software can also do high-quality records when downloading is not possible.

Method 1: Download Platinum End Anime

Step 1: Copy URL

Open your preferred browser and go to and search for the Platinum End anime. Click on the first episode and copy the URL from the top search bar of the browser.
platinum end anime, episode 1, video download

Step 2: Launch VideoPower RED

Launch VideoPower RED and click the Detect Tab. From the built-in search bar paste the copied URL and wait for the page to load.
platinum end anime, episode 1, video download

Step 3: Downloading

By playing the video from the built-in browser, the auto-detect download feature will be prompted. Click the Download Tab to check the downloading queue.
download video, new episode, downloading

Step 4: Download Complete

After a few minutes, your download is now complete. Simply click the COMPLETED section and you will see your downloaded file. To play, double click the video file, right click to choose other tasks.

download video, new episode, downloading

Method 2: Record

Step 1: Prepare Video Source

From your browser, go to and search for Platinum end anime episode 1. Click the video and let it load.

video record, new series, animated series

Step 2: Set Recording Area

Launch VideoPower RED and click the Record Tab. Then, click the Record button to choose among screen recording settings.
video record, new series, animated series

Step 3: Recording

After selecting the area you want to record. A countdown will start for automatic screen recording.

When the countdown reaches Zero, play the video to start recording.

During recording, a toolbar will float on the screen, make sure that it is not inside the recording area so it will not be captured during the recording. On the toolbar, you can click actions such as Pause or Stop recording.

video record, new series, animated series

Step 4: Record Complete

After the video is complete, click the stop button on the recording taskbar to save. You will then be redirected to the Recording library section. Double-click the file to toggle auto-play or you can right-click for other tasks such as rename, open-folder, etc.
video record, new series, animated series


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Aside from GogoAnime, the software can also be used on different video and anime streaming sites. Because of the multifunctional feature, users don’t have to search for other video downloaders or any other third-party app, just to grab a copy of their favorite video.

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