Ranking of Kings is based on the manga series written and illustrated by Sosuke Toka. It follows the story of a little prince named Bojji, who was born deaf and tiny in size. He travels with his friend Kage, a survivor of a wiped-out assassin clan. Kage understands Bojji perfectly and despite people’s objections to Bojii’s accession to the throne, he tries to do his best and dreams of becoming the greatest of kings. With Kage alongside him, Bojii goes on to embark on different adventures.

This series has been automatically classified by viewers as a masterclass in anime. The unique take on traditional Japanese anime – from art style, fantastical setting, defiance of the typical anime trope, and morally gray characters, the show offers its viewers something different, making it more captivating for anime fans and newcomers alike.

With an adorable animated design and a heartwarming story that tugs at the heartstrings, expectations are high for Ranking of Kings Season 2, which effectively put itself on every anime fan’s watchlist this year.

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Record Ranking of Kings (Season 2) direct to a PC or tablet

Step 1: Select the “Record” function

Find the “Record” button in the top menu.

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Step 2: Select video and audio inputs

Select the recording and audio inputs. For the recording input, you can choose how much of the entire screen to record. For audio, you can choose whether to use the audio from the original video or a microphone

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Step 3: Determine the recording area

Adjust the area you want to record. If you’re not sure how big the recording area should be, there are set standard sizes to use as reference.

Record RAnking of Kings directly to your PC, record anime

Step 4: Start Recording Ranking of Kings Season 2 Directly to PC

Wait until the countdown timer expires to begin recording the source media. This can prevent unwanted cuts at the beginning of your recorded video.

Record RAnking of Kings directly to your PC, record anime

Step 5: Manage Ranking of Kings Season 2 recordings

Press the stop button to end the recording. The software will automatically render your video, which will appear on the VideoPower RED list when the media file is ready for viewing.

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Ranking of Kings is an enjoyable and relatable anime – while its art style can throw off some anime viewers, its unique character design is one of the things that add to its charm.

Great for seasoned anime viewers and novices alike, the series is available on multiple streaming sites like Crunchyroll or 9anime, but you can also record Ranking of Kings directly to your PC or tablet with the lightweight VideoPower RED software.

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