record death noteDeath Note is considered one of the top 25 best animated series of all time, and not just because of its beautiful animation. The reason is more than just the beautiful animation.

The story begins when a high school student, Tsuki Yagami, finds a mysterious black notebook, the Death Note, which can kill anyone who knows its name and face. At first, Light is terrified by its power, but then he considers the notebook’s ability to kill famous Japanese criminals and even targets international criminals. Five days later, the previous owner of the Death Note, “Shinigami” Ryuk, appears to him and reveals that he dropped the Note into the human world.

The 37-episode anime series, with its fast-paced dialogue, was produced by Madhouse and directed by Tetsuro Araki, and broadcast on Nippon Television in October 2006. 2006 saw the release of the original light novel, which was followed by a game, live-action movie, and TV drama that also attracted attention. Don’t miss this excellent storytelling. The series is available on a variety of streaming platforms. However, you can also record Death Note with VideoPower RED software.

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Recording Death Note: The 25 Best Anime Series

Step 1: Use the “Record” function

Follow the top menu and click the “Record” button.

record anime, record anime episodes

Step 2: Select video and audio inputs

Select your preferred recording and audio input. You can record the entire screen or target only a specific area. You can also use audio from the original video, microphone, or both.

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anime episode, record anime

Step 3: Select the recording area for Death Note anime TV series

Adjust the recording area using standard or custom sizes to optimize your media content.

Record Death Note directly to your PC, record anime

Step 4: Start recording the Death Note directly to your PC.

Recording will begin after the countdown timer expires.

Record Death Note directly to your PC, record anime

Step 5: Manage your recorded video

Once the Death Note recording is complete, wait for the file to render. Depending on the size of the video, this may take a while. The rendered file will appear in the VideoPower RED list and you will be able to watch the saved episodes at any time.

Record Death Note directly to your PC, record anime
Record anime, record complete


Death Note is an epic series consisting of 37 substantial episodes. Not only is it a great story, but the excellent characterization and well-crafted plot make it an extremely memorable series that deserves to be on the list of the top 25 best anime series of all time.

The series is available for streaming at However, you can also record Death Note episodes directly to your PC using VideoPower RED software for uninterrupted viewing.

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