Record Dr. StoneFans of Dr. Stone are already looking forward to the third season, which is set to air in April this year. With the first two seasons focusing on Tsukasa and Senku’s rivalry, the third season is set to kick off with the Age of Exploration Arc. Fans are now eager to watch Senku’s attempt at rebuilding civilization from the ground up.

Based on the Japanese manga of the same title by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by South Korean artist Boichi, Dr. Stone gives anime fans one of the most intelligent characters and probably one of the most intriguing storylines as far as science-based animes are concerned.

Little is known about the production of Season 3, although manga fans already know how the story will turn out. However, based on the pacing of the manga, it is likely that the third season will be composed of 22 to 24 episodes over two cours. It is also not yet sure whether or not the third season will be a split-cour anime, which means that it could take a broadcasting break while being split into two parts.

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Record Dr. Stone direct on your PC or tablet

Step 1: Click the “Record” function

Click “Record” from the main menu located at the top of the window.

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Step 2: Choose the recording and audio input

You can opt for the “Region” mode or for the software to record “around the mouse.” For Audio Input, you can choose where the audio will be coming from: use audio from the system, but content creators can also opt to use the microphone or a combination of system and microphone audio.

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Step 3: Select a recording area

Adjust the area you want to record. You can also choose from standard sizes to optimize video for your post.

Record Dr Stone

Step 4: Begin recording Dr. Stone directly on your PC or tablet

Wait until the countdown timer expires to begin recording the source media. This prevents unwanted cuts at the beginning of your video recording.

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Step 5: Manage recording for Dr. Stone

Press the stop button to end the recording and allow the software to automatically render your video. The processed video will appear on the VideoPower RED list when ready for viewing.

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Ranking of Kings is an enjoyable and relatable anime – while its art style can throw off some anime viewers, its unique character design is one of the things that add to its charm.

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