The new Japanese animated television series “Kaina of the Great Snow Sea” is based on a manga and drawn by Itoe Takemoto.

The story centers on Kaina, who lives in a world covered by an organic membrane called a canopy. Beneath the canopy, however, lies a sea of snow, where the princess and her country are fighting for survival against the cold and its rival nations. When the princess visits the canopy, she is rescued by Kaina, and the two travel the world to discover its secrets.

The newly released animated television series created by Tsutomu Nibei premiered on January 12, 2023 and is available for streaming on 9anime. But for those who prefer to watch the series offline, record Kaina of the Great Snow Sea — a must-see anime to watch in 2023 with VideoPower RED software

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Watch Kaina of the Great Snow Sea trailer here!

Record Kaina of the Great Snow Sea on your PC

Step 1: Click on the “Record” function

Click “Record” on the main screen menu of the VideoPower RED software.
record Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, record

Step 2: Select audio input

Click on “Audio Input” and select a sound source. The default setting is for the input to be “System Sound.”
drecord Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, audio input

Step 3: Select a Recording Mode

Select the recording mode.” The “Region” mode allows you to record only a portion of the screen, such as a video player, without capturing the rest of the screen.
record Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, choosing recording mode

Step 4: Select a recording area

Select a recording area. You can adjust this area before you start recording your screen.
record Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, recording format

Step 5: Start Recording Kaina of the Great Snow Sea episode

When a confirmation prompt pops up, click “OK” to continue. A countdown timer will appear indicating that recording has begun. Press “Play” to begin streaming and recording the desired video.
record Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, the recording process is finished

Step 6: Finish recording Kyna of the Great Snow Sea animated episode

When the recording is finished, click Stop. The file will be added to VideoPower RED’s red list of recordings. Click on the episode you wish to watch and enjoy.

record Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, the recording process is finished


Kaina of the Great Snow Sea” is an interesting story and is told in Nibei’s unique style, with lots of cool gadgets, action scenes, and a huge world that turns people into mere ants in a wide landscape.

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