download one punch man season 3Fans are eagerly anticipating “One Punch Man Season 3,” which will feature a new antagonist and the return of the main character, Cytama.

Based on the superhero manga created by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, the digital manga remake anime was produced by Madhouse and aired in Japan in December 2015. Season 3 will pick up from Chapter 85 of the manga and focus on Garou.

Little is known by fans about the third season – other than the official announcement made in August 2022. There were few hints about the expected release date, especially since Shingo Natsume, the director of the first and second seasons, has his hands full with other projects, but that hasn’t dampened fans’ excitement about what’s to come.

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There is no definitive date for the release of One Punch Man Season 3. However, previous seasons are already available online. Record One Punch Man Top 10 Upcoming Animes to watch in 2023 direct to your PC to avoid interruptions.

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