One night, a high schooler named Yuta Iridatsu experienced “Astral Projection ” wherein his soul left his body. After this, he woke up in a mansion where he met a mysterious perverse cat named Charanosuke. The cat told him to find the sacred tome of Koraikan to return to his physical body.

Punchline anime is a Japanese animated series that was aired in the year 2015. During this quest, Yuta bumped into some of the underpants of the female residents of the mansion. It was said that if he bumped into two girls’ underpants twice in a row, something dangerous might happen to earth.

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Record Punchline Anime

Step 1: Prepare Video Source for Punchline Anime.

Using your PC browser, go to Gogoanime or any anime-streaming sites and search for Punchline anime. Click the episode you want to record and let the page and video load completely.
punchline anime, record, series

Step 2: Set Recording Area

Open VideoPower GREEN and click on the Record Button. Then, select the recording area you want to include in your screen recording. The settings available are full screen, region, audio, web-camera or around the mouse.

In this tutorial, we’re going to use the Region mode.

punchline anime, record, series

Step 3: Start Recording

After selecting the area, the countdown will start for automatic screen recording.

When the countdown reaches Zero, play the video to start recording. During recording, a toolbar will float on the screen, make sure that it is not inside the recording area.

On the toolbar, you can click actions such as Pause or Stop recording.

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Step 4: Record Complete

After the video is complete, click the STOP button on the recording taskbar to save. You will then be redirected to the Recording library section. Double-click the file to auto-play or you can right-click for other tasks such as rename, open-folder, etc.

record, VPG, series


Punchline anime is a good source for light, humorous and wacky anime to entertain. The plot and the series will explain how the girls’ underwear can wreak havoc on the protagonist and the world whenever he encounters them. Because of its popularity, there are rumors going around for possible Punchline anime season 2. As fans, we cannot wait for the new season to have a good laugh and be entertained.

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