record solo levelingIn mid-2022, A-1 Pictures released the official trailer for the anime adaptation of the Korean action-fantasy manhwa, Solo Leveling. The story centers around a notoriously weak hunter named Sung Jinwoo, who finds himself in an endless struggle for survival.

When his entire party is nearly wiped out in a powerful double dungeon, Jin Woo is chosen by a mysterious program called “The System” as the sole player and given the extremely rare ability to level up his physical and other limits. As a result, Jin Woo sets out on a journey to fight all kinds of humans and monsters and to find the secrets of the dungeon and the true source of his power.

The anime adaptation will be directed by Shunsuke Nakashige, written by Noboru Kimura, character design by Tomoko Sudo, and music and sound by Hiroyuki Sawano Crunchyroll has licensed the series outside of Asia. Those who do not subscribe to streaming anime can watch anime on other streaming platforms such as or record videos with the help of VideoPower RED software.

With VideoPower RED, users can record their favorite episodes and watch them offline.

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Record Solo Leveling directly to your PC

Step 1: Use the “Record” function

Select the “Record” button in the top menu.

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Step 2: Select video and audio inputs

Choose your preferred recording and audio input data. You can record the entire screen or target only a specific area. For audio input, you can choose to use the audio from the original video, a microphone, or both.

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Step 3: Select the recording area for S0lo Leveling anime series

Use the pointer to adjust the recording area. You can also select a preset standard or custom size for optimal media upload.

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Step 4: Start Recording Solo Leveling

When the countdown timer expires, press the “Play” button.

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Step 5: Manage your recorded video

Once the recording is complete, wait for the file to render. After a short while, the rendered file will appear in the VideoPower RED list and you will be able to watch the saved episode at any time.

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A-1 Pictures, the company that produces Solo Reveling, is known for its animation work on other hit shows such as Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online.

Solo leveling will air on Crunchyroll. However, you can also watch the series offline with no interruption by recording the episodes directly to your PC using the VideoPower RED software.

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