Record Revenger AnimeSet in feudal Japan, the 2023 Japanese anime Revenger, animated by Ajiado Animation Works and produced by Nitroplus and Shochiku, tells the story of Raizo Kurima, a samurai who crosses paths with an assassin known as the Revengers.

Raizo, a member of the Revengers, takes revenge on behalf of those without power. His companions include a doctor with destructive impulses, an android who combines brutality and purity, a gambler who loves money and sake, and a lacquer craftsman, who form a strange friendship as they work together for their cause.

The series, which began airing in January 2023, has already received praise, especially for its use of several tropes and its mix of East and West in historical Japan. Character design and animation have also been praised, especially how well the animation as a whole fits the action scenes in this series.

Revenger is available on, however, for those who want to save the series to watch offline, you may also record Revengers directly to your PC by using the VideoPower RED software.

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Record Revenger direct to PC

Step 1: Select the “Record” function

Locate the “Record” button at the top of the software window.

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Step 2: Select video and audio inputs

Select the recording and audio inputs. You can choose to record only a specific area of the web page, go with the original audio, or use a microphone to record over the video.

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anime episode, record anime

Step 3: Determine the recording area

You can crop the recording screen based on preset standard or custom sizes.

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Step 4: Start Recording Revenger Directly to PC

Press the “PLAY” button until the countdown timer expires. This will prevent unwanted cuts at the beginning of the video.

Record Bocchi the Rock directly to your PC, record anime

Step 5: Manage recording for Revenger

Press the Stop button to end the recording. The recorded video will automatically render and appear in the VideoPower RED list when ready for viewing.

Record anime, record complete


An interesting aspect of “Revenger” is that it is set in historical Japan. Judging by the references to the opium trade, the series is set in the early to mid-1800s, a time when the country was virtually isolated from the rest of the world. If you are a fan of historical fiction, you may find many details in the series that will turn the heads of the average anime viewer.

The series is available on streaming sites such as 9anime. If you want to save it for offline viewing, record “Revenger” directly to your PC or tablet using VideoPower RED software.

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