Set before the storyline of Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher; Netflix releases a prequel to the story which is named The Witcher Anime: Nightmare of the Wolf that revolves around the hardships and story progression of Geralt’s trainer and friend, Vesemir. After the announcement and release of The Witcher Anime trailer, hardcore fans of the movie, the game franchise, and the books were eager for the release of the anticipated movie.

The Witcher Anime release became a huge hit for the anime fans and the hardcore fans of The Witcher. Not only the anime proudly boasts incredible graphic animation, cinematic sound effects but it also presents a very good representation of the main character’s story arc. Because of this, many are eager to download everything from The Witcher Anime including the heart-pounding dramatic trailer throughout the entire movie. You can try to use VideoPower RED or ZEUS as downloading tools for an offline copy.

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One of the easiest ways to do so is by using VideoPower RED (will jump to which functions as a video downloader for Youtube or any video streaming site. It also has an array of wide features such as a built-in search bar, downloading videos to mp3 format, and also capable of doing screen recording.

Method 1: Download The Witcher Anime Trailer

Step 1: Copy URL

First step is to go to YouTube using your browser and search for  “The Witcher Anime” trailer or any of the videos you want to download. After checking the video, copy the video URL on the top search bar of your browser.
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Step 2: Paste the copied video URL

Open and launch VideoPower Red and select the Download Tab. Then just by clicking “Paste URL” the download will automatically start based on the copied video’s URL.
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Step 3: Video downloading

You can see on the downloading section that “The Witcher” anime trailer is currently downloading and on queue.
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Step 4: Video download completed.

After a few minutes, the download is now finished and you can go to the “Complete” tab to check the video trailer you’ve downloaded. To see all available choices or tasks for the file, you can simply right-click on the video for possible tasks such as Play, Rename, Delete from Hard Disk, and Open Folder.
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Method 2: Record The Witcher Anime Trailer

Step 1: Begin Recording the Video

Launch software then click the “Record” button. After this, a multitude of options can choose to record the video such as record by region, full screen, around the mouse, etc.
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Step 2: Make a start to record your The Witcher Anime

After launching and choosing the desired settings for recording, a countdown will start and automatic recording will occur. Go to The Witcher Anime trailer you’ve chosen earlier and click play on the video to start its recording. Also, a mini-task bar window for the recorder will appear on the screen on which you can choose multiple actions such as pause or stop.
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Step 3: Simply listen to your recorded video

To finish recording, simply click the ‘stop’ button and you will be automatically going to the “Library” section of the Recording Tab. There, you will see the recorded The Witcher Anime trailer and by simply double-clicking the file, you can start watching the record.
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The Witcher Anime is simply one of the best anime series that launched this year. Besides the jaw-dropping graphic animation, the movie also showcases incredible sound effects and soundtracks while also maintaining a good story progression of the character’s story arc. The Witcher Anime fans are not only looking forward to more sequels and probably prequels of The Witcher franchise but also searching for more video clips to create their own fan tribute for the movie.

For eager fans who want to download different video clips such as The Witcher Anime trailer, VideoPower RED is more than capable of downloading all video files you need. It can also download videos from different video streaming websites so you can have more options and resources to search from.

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