Tokyo RevengersSince its debut in April 2021, Tokyo Revengers has increased in popularity, with many fans eagerly expecting Season 2. The story of inter-gang connections and loyalty is largely responsible for the series’ popularity. As such. Tokyo Revengers anime MP4 download is a way for audiences to save the anime for offline viewing. The story follows Takemichi, a 26-year-old man, who learns one day that his childhood sweetheart Hinata and her baby brother were slain in a gang incident. After that, he is taken back in time to warn the younger brother, which sends him back in time and permits the brother to survive. As a result, in the present, the two pledge to use this ability to save Hinata. This isn’t the first time a program featuring juvenile delinquents has gained popularity. In actuality, Tokyo Revengers is preserving the juvenile anime genre.

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VideoPower RED (will jump to is the best tool to have a Tokyo Revengers 9anime download anime. Save videos in three ways! You can copy and paste the URL, by utilizing its inbuilt browser to auto-detect multimedia data, and record your monitor in a variety of spots on your computer (Region, Fullscreen, Around Mouse, or with Web Camera).

Method 1: Auto-detection to Grab Tokyo Revengers Anime MP4 Download

Step 1: Modify settings

Navigate to “Settings” in VideoPower RED. Tick the box that reads “Ignore films less than (KB)” and enter “1024” in the “Download” tab. This is required if you do not wish to download the video’s advertisements, which are frequently smaller than 1024 KB.

tokyo revengers anime mp4 download, change settings

Then, go to the “Format” Tab. To download anime in MP4, simply set your “Video” download format to MP4. Click “OK” when done.
alter settings, change settings

Step 2: Copy the URL of Tokyo Revengers anime in 9anime.

Copy the URL from the Tokyo Revengers episode’s address bar in 9anime.

tokyo revengers anime mp4 download, copy anime URL

Step 3: Paste the URL on the embedded browser.

Navigate to the “Detect” menu and paste the copied URL into the VideoPower RED browser address bar.

tokyo revengers, paste anime URL

Your video file will be detected and added to your downloading queue once it has been discovered.

download tokyo revengers 9anime episode detected, media file detection

Step 4: Tokyo Revengers anime episode has started downloading.

Go to the “Download” option to check the status of your episode download. It is accessible via the “Downloading” option.

download tokyo revengers 9anime to mp4, download in progress

Step 5: The anime episode download is complete.

The Tokyo Revengers episode download is now complete. Go to the “Complete” area to see your downloaded episode. To begin watching, double-click the file, or right-click the file for more options.

download tokyo revengers 9anime complete, download finished

Method 2: Screen Record to Get Tokyo Revengers Anime MP4 Download

Step 1: Prepare the Tokyo Revengers episode in 9anime.

To prepare for recording, go to the Tokyo Revengers episode in 9anime.

tokyo revengers anime mp4 download, prepare tokyo revengers episode

Step 2: Select your recording mode.

In VideoPower RED, go to the “Record” function, then click the “Record” button. There will be a list of recording mode options to choose from.

“Region” will be used in this case.

tokyo revengers download, record tokyo revengers

Step 3: Select & adjust the recording area

Choose the area of your screen that you wish to record.

tokyo revengers in 9anime to record, record tokyo revengers in 9anime

Modify the region you want to capture by dragging the bounds or using the adjustment tool. When you’re finished, press the “OK” button.

tokyo revengers 9anime online, record episodes of tokyo revengers

Step 4: Begin recording the Tokyo Revengers anime episode!

A countdown will begin. This gives you time to prepare before you start recording. When you’re finished, press the “OK” button.

tokyo revengers to record in 9anime, record 9anime episodes

You have started recording. Use the recording toolbar to “Pause,” “Annotate,” or “Stop” the recording.

record tokyo revengers anime episodes, tokyo revengers anime where to watch

Step 5: Recording of the Tokyo Revengers anime episode is complete.

To see your recorded Tokyo Revengers episode, double-click the video. If you right-click the video, you’ll get more options.

tokyo revengers 9anime record, record complete


The anime is brilliantly animated and narrated. Tokyo Revengers is capable of providing interesting character beats that take it above the level of a conventional delinquent anime; it’s full of heart and packs an emotional punch that will have you in tears by the end. As a result, the popularity of Tokyo Revengers may resurrect the delinquent genre, bringing fresh vitality to these sorts of narratives. Also, 9anime is the ideal online platform for watching and downloading this anime.

The best tool for a Tokyo Revengers anime MP4 download is VideoPower RED! This software can convert online anime episodes for download and saving to your computer, as well as screen record if copying and pasting the URL to obtain from anime websites is not possible. It can download from over 1000 domains on the internet, providing you with a wide range of anime sites to choose from for downloads and screen recording!

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