Top Fantasy AnimeWhile anime has been a long-time thing (during even the 80s), it’s usually been the target of the niche or specific audiences. Fortunately, in recent years, it became more well-known, especially one of the genres of anime which is “fantasy”. This is to be expected as fictional fantasy has been quite the famous genre in every age.

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Top 20 Fantasy Anime

1. Ancient Magus Bride

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
This is a series that is steeped in fantasy from the start. Chise had the ability to perceive unusual things since she was a youngster. At the age of 15, she is auctioned off for five million pounds to a towering masked stranger. Instead of what she expected, this enigmatic figure informed her that he want to work with her as his apprentice and bride. It’s a little unusual at first, but if you keep watching, you’ll notice that the plot really gets up as you go along.

If you’re looking for a series that delves into the world of profound fantasy settings, this is the one to watch.

2. Fairy Tail

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
This is the series to watch if you want fantasy and adventure in your anime. With so many seasons and episodes, it’s safe to assume this series has a lot of stories to tell.

Fairy Tail tells the story of a magical guild full of great mages and their exploits. The story begins with Lucy Heartfilia, a heavenly magician who ends up teaming up with Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu and becoming a new member of Fairy Tail. In subsequent expeditions, she joins forces with ice wizard Gray Fullbuster and magic swordswoman Erza Scarlet. From here, it’s a voyage through several stories with a lot of variety.

Watch Fairy Tail Trailer Here.

3. Seven Deadly Sins

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
What started off as a conventional quest story with wonderful characters grew well beyond expectations. The Holy Knights of Britannia are individuals who live in a realm similar to the European Middle Ages. Years ago, a small group of people was claimed to have attempted to depose Lionels’ monarch before being destroyed by the Knights and named the “Seven Deadly Sins.” Years later, the Holy Knights staged a coup.

The young princess Elizabeth goes out to discover the Seven Deadly Sins in order to recapture her country. There’s a lot more to the tale than you would think.

Watch Seven Deadly Sins Trailer Here.

4. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
This is a recent anime with an interesting protagonist. The standard notion of a character being reborn into another planet, fantastical trappings, and so on are all present. This hero, on the other hand, is a slimy monster rather than a knight or a soldier. Instead of battling basic foes, this series emphasizes teamwork with different creatures and the creation of new environments. It’s also amusing to have an OP hero that looks like a slimy thing.

The anime does a good job of depicting how the characters and their homes change through time, as well as going into subjects like how summoned people are affected by magic. In general, this adds new views to both the isekai and fantasy genres.

Watch Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Trailer Here.

5. Overlord

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
Overlord is a classic dark fantasy novel in practically every definition of the word. Starting with the virtual reality game Yggdrasil’s impending closure. A gamer called Momonga decides to remain till the end of the hour. Instead of shutting down, Momonga transforms into his avatar, and the NPCs come to life.

Watch Overlord Trailer Here.

6. Sword Art Online

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
SAO takes place in the future when virtual reality games have surpassed all expectations and a large number of people are longing to join the newest game, Sword Art Online. Kazuto Kirigaya, also known as “Kirito,” is a young man who, like tens of thousands of others, joined the game. The developer, on the other hand, quickly traps the players in the game. To get out, they must complete all of the creator’s levels. They will perish in the real world if they try to leave in any other way. It’s one of those “if you die in the game, you die for real” situations.

This is an entertaining series with interesting characters, a mystery, and exciting action. It’s a tense experience for a fantasy anime, but the premise is so captivating that you’ll be hooked from the first episode.

Watch Sword Art Online Trailer Here.

7. Little Witch Academia

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
If you’re not interested in medieval/adventure-fantasy, how about a witch story? Little Witch Academia takes place in a world where everyone may train to become a witch. Atsuko “Akko” Kagari is the main character. Akko aspires to be a witch like the famed witch Shiny Chariot after being inspired by her years ago but having no magical background.

With the way magic works and the aesthetics, the anime takes a fresh approach. Furthermore, it takes a fresh look at what it means to be a witch and how it functions in the world’s narrative. The series is a lot of pleasure to watch since it has a nice combination of humor, adventure, fantasy, and friendship.

Watch Little Witch Academia Trailer Here.

8. Cardcaptor Sakura

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
Cardcaptor Sakura may appear to be one of many magical girl anime, but it is much more. What distinguishes this anime is how it explores its mystical aspect. The fundamental plot is as follows: Sakura is a joyful little girl who discovers a weird book filled with cards.

She unintentionally releases the entities that were carded into the town. She must now capture the released entities with the assistance of a guardian monster, lest they inflict immense and unfathomable destruction. Although everything appears to be tied up, the actual environment and magical effects are amazing.

It’s a wonderful series with not only fantastic character development and stories but also some truly distinct magical techniques.

Watch Cardcaptor Sakura Trailer Here.

9. Log Horizon

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
This is one of the most brilliant series to be released as another isekai anime.
What distinguishes this series is how it depicts how various individuals adjust to their circumstances and explore previously untapped themes. One such example is how the characters are unique and emotionally impacted by their inability to die as a result of the “game mechanism.” This creates some intriguing moments.

Another interesting aspect of this anime is how it depicts the perspectives of non-human characters, which is something we don’t frequently consider. The series’ overall exploration and evolution display a lot of interesting storylines, and it’s a truly fascinating ride, especially for video game fans.

Watch Log Horizon Trailer Here.

10. Made in Abyss

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
The first caution about this series is, “Don’t be fooled.” Made in Abyss is a strange gaping entity in this realm. It follows daredevils who leap into the Abyss, who are divers. Riko, a scuba diver in training, comes upon an interesting robot with the appearance of a small child one day.

Riko receives a message from her mother as she learns more about her mother, a famous Diver who went lost in the depths of the Abyss. The two set out to explore the depths of the Abyss in search of her mother and the boy’s long-lost memories. Nothing could possibly have prepared them for what they are about to discover.

Watch Made in Abyss Trailer Here.

11. Tsubasa Chronicles

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
It was one of the first anime shows to feature one or more characters being transported to another world. This show is renowned for diving into a variety of worlds. Syaoran, a young man, meets Sakura, a princess, in the story. Something weird happens one night, and Syaoran discovers the princess with wings that have spread into numerous feathers.

Those feathers turned out to be memories that have since faded. Isn’t that strange? They are now traveling to different kingdoms, accompanied by an exiled ninja named Kurogane and the magician Fai, to gather the feathers and discover more about their world.

Watch Tsubasa Chronicles Trailer Here.

12. One Piece

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
One Piece is an odd anime that has proven to be immensely successful, from the many fruits that grant magical abilities to the range of character kinds. Mostly because, instead of a typical medieval theme, this takes a fresh approach to sea pirates from yesteryear.

The main plot is around a young boy named Luffy who sets out to find the One Piece with the help of a crew. If you’re unfamiliar, the One Piece is a treasure left by the former Pirate King Gold D. Roger that is extremely valuable. Now, Luffy desires to assume the title of Pirate King, but will he? You’ll have to watch a lot of episodes to find out!

Watch One Piece Trailer Here.

13. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
One of the things that anime excels at is taking a piece from a classic story and giving it a completely new spin. While the characters’ names are similar to those of fairy tale characters, the series is an entirely new story. There are various strange labyrinths in this realm that hide tremendous treasures. Isn’t it true that I’ve already had you hooked?

They are claimed to have been erected by rare magicians known as Magi and governed over by supernaturals known as Djinn. The plot revolves around a young kid named Aladdin and his Djinn master Ugo embarking on a genuine fantasy trip. Just a pure fantasy journey to enjoy with many colorful characters who draw concepts from earlier stories but add a distinct anime spin.

Watch Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Trailer Here.

14. Houseki no Kuni

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
This is a series that might be classified as a different sort of fantasy series. This is the narrative of a struggle between crystalline figurines known as Gems and the enigmatic Lunarians who wish to destroy the Gems for adornment in a mysterious world and future. Phosphophyllite, often known as Phos, is a youthful gem that aspires to contribute to the war effort.

Because they are deemed too frail, they are instead tasked with constructing an encyclopedia. However, as time passes, they learn more about not just the Gem people, but also the mystery of the Lunarians. It’s dense mythology, but once you start into it, you won’t want to stop reading till the conclusion.

Watch Houseki no Kuni Trailer Here.

15. Kyou kara Maou

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
Instead of a hero being summoned to confront a powerful foe, a high schooler is tasked with becoming the ruler of a Demon Kingdom. The Demon Kingdom, you read that correctly.

Despite the fact that they are generally humanoid beings with magical abilities, they appear melancholy. In terms of plot, the series has a more political tone, highlighting the hero Yuri Shibuya’s path to becoming a respectable monarch while also showing his latent talents. The fact that it deviates from the “typical” fantasy approach is part of what makes this series so intriguing.

Watch Kyou kara Maou Trailer Here.

16. Fate/Zero

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
Those who are familiar with the Fate series are aware that there are a lot of installations in this anime. Fate/Zero is often regarded as the installation’s prequel and the most fantasy-heavy. The narrative centers on the omnipotent Holy Grail, a prized possession. It is supposed to be capable of fulfilling every desire and has already started three wars. That appears to be a really interesting artifact.

A new fight has started, and “Magus Killer” Kiritsugu Emiya, along with his own familiar, Saber, has found himself in the heart of it. Six other contenders will compete against him. It’s a competitive series with a lot of action, intrigue, and drama to keep you interested.

Watch Fate/Zero Trailer Here.

17. Fullmetal Alchemist

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
On the surface, this appears to be more concerned with the military action part of a narrative. However, the fantasy in this series stems from its incredible backstory and rich character backstories. The alchemy element is prominent in the story, and it is what actually pulls out the fantastical aspect of things. Furthermore, the whole plot comprises a full-fledged magical fantasy history.

The story opens with young brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric trying an illegal transmutation rite to bring their late mother back to life. As a result, Edward loses an arm and a leg, while his brother loses his body and now lives in a suit of armor. By the time they reach their adolescence, they have evolved into alchemists on a journey to reclaim what they have lost. But will they be able to reclaim it? Watch it to find out.

Watch Fullmetal Alchemist Trailer Here.

18. Tokyo Ghoul

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
Dark fantasy works are on the upswing, and if you’re interested, here is an excellent place to start. People and entities are known as “ghouls” live in a city in this story. These animals are scary not just because of their craving for human flesh. No, it’s their ability to blend in that makes them scary.

Unfortunately, Ken Kaneki, a smart college student, discovers this information a bit too late. Kaneki awakens from a date-related injury to realize that he has been transformed into a half-ghoul. As a half-ghoul/half-human, he must now live a double existence.

Watch Tokyo Ghoul Trailer Here.

19. Attack on Titan

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
Attack on Titan is a prominent anime series that is categorized as shounen rather than fantasy. Titans are monstrous entities who assault humans in order to consume them. When Eren Yeager is young, he sees the death of a loved one at the hands of a Titan.

He has dedicated his life to the elimination of Titans since then, joining the Survey Corps, an elite military group tasked with the extermination of Titans. Though it has greater action and drama, it dives into the Titans’ mysteries and origins and provides a superb backstory for its magical setting.

Watch Attack on Titan Trailer Here.

20. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, image
This is a series that focuses on the standard medieval scenario, with people combating demons. At first glance, you’d imagine full-fledged fantasy combat, but this isn’t that type of narrative. Humans and demons have been at odds for many years. When a young hero sets out to confront the Demon King, he is astounded to learn that the ruler is not only a beauty queen but also a queen who needs his assistance.

While he first resists, her arguments finally convince him that there is another side to the fight. It’s a unique concept with a greater emphasis on politics than you may expect. However, it allows for an intriguing investigation of many points of view, with a fantastical undertone to the whole affair.

Watch Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Trailer Here.

Methods on How to Start Grabbing Fantasy Anime Online

Method 1: Auto-detection via Embedded Browser

Step 1: Customize Settings to Ignore Ads
In VideoPower RED, go to your “Settings”. On the “Download” tab , tick the box “Ignore video smaller than (KB), and input “1024”. Ads on videos are usually smaller than 1024 KB thus this is important if you don’t want to download ads too.

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, modify settings

Step 2: Copy Anime Video URL
Open your favorite anime site with the fantasy anime episode you want to download and copy its URL on the address bar. We’ll use AnimeFreak with Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken in this example.

Top 20 Fantasy Anime to download, copy URL

Step 3: Paste the URL on the Embedded Browser
On VideoPower RED, Go to the “Detect” menu and enter the copied URL on the address bar.

Download Top 20 Fantasy Anime, paste URL

Your video file is detected and will be added to your downloading section.

Top 20 Fantasy Anime Video Detected, video detection

Step 4: Anime in Downloading Process
To check the downloading anime episode, go to the “Download” menu. You will see it in the “Downloading” section.

Top 20 Fantasy Genre Anime, downloading

Step 5: Anime Video Download Complete
The anime download is now complete. Go to the “Complete” section to see your downloaded anime episode. You may double-click the file to start watching or right-click the file to see more options available.

Top 20 Fantasy Anime download complete, download complete

Method 2: Screen Record Anime Episode

Step 1: Customize Your Settings
In VideoPower RED, make sure you enable your hotkeys for the screen record. This is so you can just use shortcut keys when recording. You can customize this but we will use it by default for now.

Top 20 Fantasy Anime, allow hotkeys

Change your “Recording” settings from the “Record” Tab.

Top 20 Fantasy Anime you should grab, modify record settings

Once another box appears, uncheck the “Show recording toolbar” to hide the recording toolbar when recording.

Top 20 Fantasy Anime you should download, uncheck box

Step 2: Open Anime Video Episode
Open your favorite anime site with the fantasy anime episode you want to download. We’ll use AnimeFreak with Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken in this example.

fantasy anime, prepare anime episode

Step 3: Select Recording Mode & Adjust Area
On the VideoPower RED program, go to the “Record” function then click on the “Record” button. A dropdown list will appear with recording mode options to choose from. In this example, “Region” will be used.

download top 20 fantasy anime mp4, downloading

Adjust the area you want to record using the adjusting tool. Click “OK” when satisfied.

fantasy anime series, record fantasy anime

Step 4: Start Recording The Anime Episode!
A countdown will appear so that you have time to prepare before you start recording. Click “OK” when you’re ready.

Top 20 fantasy anime to record, fantasy anime record

You are now in the process of recording. Since the recording toolbar is hidden, use shortcut keys to Pause/Resume Recording (Ctrl+F7), Show/Hide Recording Toolbar (Ctrl+Alt+E), or Stop Recording (CTRL+F10).

Top 20 fantasy anime to record, fantasy anime record

Step 5: Anime Episode Recording Complete
Watch your recorded anime episode by double-clicking the video. You may right-click the video, to see more options for your recorded anime episode.

Top 20 fantasy genre of anime to record, record complete


Anime is a fun-watching experience. While there’s a lot of anime out there, the genre of fantasy anime series is very worthwhile to watch and exciting to look forward to. Being able to explore worlds in this fantastic, colorful, and diverse Japanese animation always brings imagination, inspiration, and motivation going! It’s always something special when it comes to fantasy, you know? It brings new horizons to established rules in real life that we don’t need to apply in fiction.

With VideoPower RED and ZEUS, you’re secured. being able to download even the Top 20 fantasy anime series! You don’t need to have a hard time as these applications can both convert online episodes of anime for you to save on your computer as well as screen record if copying and pasting the URL to download is unavailable for the anime websites. It can download from 1000+ websites across the internet so you have tons of available anime sites to choose from for your downloads and screen recording!

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