Record Tsurune The Linking Shot

Tsurune The Linking Shot comes as the second season of an anime based on the Japanese light novel series by Kotoko Ayano. Listed as a must-see for 2023, the anime was produced by Kyoto Animation and aired from October 2018 to January 2019, with the second season premiering this January, and it follows the story of a junior high school archery club.

The story follows Minato Narumiya, a former member of his junior high school’s archery club. He was forced to leave the club after an incident. Upon entering high school, he was recruited into the archery club by a childhood friend, but to no avail. However, things change when he meets a mysterious man at an archery range in the forest, and he and his childhood friend join the archery club and aim to win the prefectural tournament.

The Tsurune series was highly praised by critics for its gorgeous animation and artistry. However, the second season seems to be a soft return to the hopeful world of the Kyudo Club. With good storytelling, the series seems enough to keep viewers engaged.

Tsurune The Linking Shot can be watched on multiple streaming platforms. Non-paying members can watch it for free at or record on their PC or tablet using the lightweight software VideoPower RED.

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Record Tsurune The Linking Shot direct to PC

Step 1: Select the “Record” function

Select the “Record” button on the top menu.

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Step 2: Select video and audio inputs

Select the recording and audio inputs. You can record the entire screen or just a specific area. For audio, you can choose to use the audio from the original video or a microphone, although some content creators use both.

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Step 3: Adjust the recording area

Adjust the recording area by cropping the screen using the preset standard sizes. You can also create custom sizes for optimal media uploads to various sites.

Record Tsurune The Linking Shot directly to your PC, record anime

Step 4: Record Tsunere The Linking Shot direct to PC

Press the “PLAY” button after the countdown timer expires to prevent unwanted cuts when recording begins.

Record Tsurune The Linking Shot directly to your PC, record anime

Step 5: Manage recording of Tsurune: The Linking Shot

Press the “STOP” button to end the recording. When recording ends, the file will automatically render and appear in VideoPower RED’s list, allowing you to watch your favorite episodes at any time.

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Critics believe that returning fans are going to love Tsurune: The Linking Shot. Meanwhile, newcomers are expected to be intrigued enough to want to see the anime from the beginning. While not everyone loves slice-of-life shows, the animation and scoring could make viewers want to stay.

Tsurune The Linking Shot airs multiple streaming sites, but for those who don’t have access to its official streaming sites, the animated series can be watched at a later date on services like 9anime. Tsurune: The Linking Shot can be recorded with the lightweight VideoPower RED software.

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