Record Yu Yu HakushoYu Yu Hakusho is a Japanese manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi. The main character is Yusuke Urameshi, a juvenile delinquent who was hit and run while trying to save the life of a child. After a series of tests presented by Koemma, the son of the ruler of the afterlife, Yusuke is resurrected and assigned to investigate cases of yokai and ghosts in the human world.

Although Yu Yu Hakusho is an action-oriented anime, its storytelling, characters, and strong moral aspects make it a standout among other anime in its genre. It also demonstrates a moral gray area, showing that people are not what they appear to be.

What makes Yu Yu Hakusho such a great anime that deserves to be in the top 25 is that it still holds up years after its initial release. Sure, it has its problems, but the story is gripping throughout and keeps the viewer’s interest until the very end. You can watch YuYu Hakusho from a variety of streaming sites, or you can record it using software called VideoPower RED.

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Record Yu Yu Hakusho Top 25 Best Anime Series of All Time

Step 1: Use the “Record” function

Follow the top menu and select the “Recording” button.

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Step 2: Select video and audio input

Choose your preferred recording and audio input data. You can select the entire screen or just a specific area for recording. For audio input, you can choose to use the audio from the original video, a microphone, or both.

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Step 3: Select the recording area for Yu Yu Hakusho anime TV series

Use the pointer to adjust the recording area. You can also select a preset standard or custom size for optimal media upload.

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Step 4: Begin recording Yu Yu Hakusho

When the countdown timer expires, start recording.

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Step 5: Manage your recorded video

Once the recording of YuYu Hakusho is complete, wait for the file to render. After a short while, the rendered file will appear in the VideoPower RED list, and you will be able to watch your saved episodes at any time.

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Yu Yu Hakusho continued with 112 action-packed episodes filled with supernatural elements. Not only is it entertaining, but it has much to teach young children who are trying to find their place in this world in terms of art, character development, scriptwriting, and lessons learned.

Yu Yu Hakusho is available for streaming at However, you can also watch the series offline without interruption. Record Yūyū Hakusho directly to your PC using VideoPower RED software.

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