anicloud, record anime from aniCloud As the number of anime enthusiasts increases, so does the number of anime websites. One of them is the AniCloud website. The site provides German subtitles for German anime fans who can barely understand English, especially when the dialogue goes too fast. You will certainly appreciate watching the high-definition videos on the website. By using their search engine, you will be able to find your favorite anime in just a second. The site already produces thousands of anime. You will definitely be updated on upcoming anime because they put it on their site. They also shared anime-related news on their page.

Despite the fact that this site has a lot of benefits, you will be annoyed if you watch it online due to the adverts that keep popping up. You will be moved to another window when you try to open a link to an anime you wish to watch, which will waste your time. You’ll also select one of the four servers, one at a time, to see whether one is compatible with your anime. Hassle, right? That is why use the VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS to be your partner in saving your favorite anime on this site.

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Use the free trial version of AniCloud downloader to record any AniCloud anime you want for up to three minutes. Please upgrade to the full version to continue recording.

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It is better to use an AniCloud downloader alternative to save your time as well as enjoy your anime for offline playback. Use the VideoPower GREEN (will jump to as an alternative for the AniCloud downloader. This tool has a screen recording function that can record high-quality videos. Record anime from AniCloud or do anicloud video downloader now with the use of this reliable tool. You will not regret downloading this software since it has great features to offer such as editing, screen recording, and even do a screen capture.

Ways to do Screen recording from AniCloud

Step 1: Prepare Anime for recording

Open the Anicloud website and use its search engine to look for your favorite anime. Once done, select a suitable server to play your anime and have it loaded.

anicloud downloader, prepare video for recording

Step 2: Choose the Recording Area

Once the anime video is ready for recording, go back to the VideoPower GREEN application then click the “Record” button to select your recording format. Then, a list of available options will appear on your screen.

anicloud downloader, set recording area

Once you choose the recording area, a three-second countdown will appear on your screen.

anicloud downloader, countdown

Step 3: Click the Play Button to Begin Recording

The recording will begin as soon as the countdown will end. Head back to the anime website and click the “Play” button to have it recorded. You may use the control taskbar of the software to edit your video while recording. You may also click the “Stop” button once the video is done.

anicloud downloader, start recording

Step 4: Recording Anime from AniCloud is Complete

Once you click the “Stop” button to end the recording, the video will be stored in your recorded list. Right-click the file to see more options. You may also see its file location by clicking the “Open Folder” button from the option list.

anicloud downloader, complete recording


It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to watch your anime without interruption, especially when you completely get the storyline. Anicloud is a webpage with German subtitles. Any anime genre will teach you unexpected facts and information about Japan. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to start doing the anicloud downloader.

Use the VideoPower GREEN’s screen recording function to save and edit the video you like. If you wish to upload it to your Youtube Channel, then, this tool will also help you with regards to that. It can also let you upload to different sites like Vimeo, FTP, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

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