anime flash, anime flash app Anime flash is an anime website that has Spanish subtitles. This site is a reliable site if you wish to watch anime with Spanish subtitles. It is also a site that will allow its viewers to check for the upcoming anime. Visiting this site will let you know how many days, hours, and minutes a new anime will be uploaded. All of their videos are in an HD format that you will surely love. If the other servers are unavailable, you can choose from three options.

However, downloading on the Anime Flash site will really take your time. Even if you have a fast internet connection and adequate disk space on your computer to store a video, you will be upset by the numerous redirections to the page. Some of their videos also are not allowed for downloading. So it happens that your favorite anime cannot be downloaded, you need the help of an alternative tool which is the VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS to record it.

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VideoPower GREEN (will jump to is a great Anime Flash app recorder. With the help of this tool, you can still watch anime flashbacks for offline streaming. You do not need to download anime flash app since a third-party tool is here for you. Screen recording will not consume your time in waiting for the video to finish since this tool has a task scheduler feature wherein you can set your recording to a specific time then once it ends, it will automatically stop and save your recorded file. It’s really great news, right?

Use Screen Recording as Alternative

Step 1: Set Recording Area

To record your favorite anime, set the recording area of your video. To do this, open the VideoPower GREEN application then click the “Record” button. You will see a list of options displayed on your screen. Once you select your recording format, a countdown will begin.

In this example, we will use the “Region” for our recording.

anime flash, set recording area

Step 2: Begin Screen Recording

Before the three-second countdown ends, go to your anime video and click the “Play” button. As soon as the countdown ends, it will automatically record the specified area you choose. You can click the pause or stop using the control bar displayed on your screen. You can also add customizations while recording such as adding texts, shapes, arrows, etc.

anime flash, start recording

Step 3: Open and watch your Recorded File

After you click the “Stop” button in the control panel, your recorded file will be saved immediately on your recorded list. Right-click the file to see more options such as Preview, Edit, Upload, and so on.

anime flash, complete recording


Anime Flash is a good site for us to watch our favorite anime. Because it offers an anime description, it is a site that will allow its viewers to be aware enough about the anime they upload. You will know if that anime is good or interesting because of its synopsis.

However, this site is strict for its members only, before you can download their videos, you need to sign up first. Great news! VideoPower GREEN is the best alternative way for downloading Anime Flash videos. This tool has an Anime Flash app screen recording function to record any anime you want. It also has a screenshot feature for you to capture your favorite anime character.

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