animeindo, animeindo download AnimeIndo is an online anime streaming site where you can watch all of your favorite anime movies and series in Indo subbed. Those anime lovers who are Indonesian and barely understand the English Subbed can now stream on this site. All the favorite anime movies and series on this site are subbed in HD format. Streaming on this site will make you feel excited and giggle every time you see your anime in good quality. You do not need to sign up to watch your anime. You can find thousands of anime on their list. They also have animeindo download Apk if ever you want to download their application. A list of options is available when you visit their page.

However, of course, since you did not pay or sign up for a subscription, expect that when you stream online, many ads will pop up on your screen. This site also will not allow you to download their anime which is really bad news for those who want to stream it offline. The best way to download their anime is when you use an alternative way. The easiest and fastest way to do AnimeIndo download is to use a screen recording of the VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS.

Download it now to experience a better way of saving your anime in Indo Sub. Try to use its free trial version wherein you can record for up to three minutes. Lift its limitation by upgrading it and excluding the watermark on this tool.

VideoPower GREEN for Windows Free Download

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ZEUS for Windows Free Download

That’s when VideoPower GREEN (will jump to will support you in getting your favorite anime Indonesia. This is such a magnificent tool since it has a screen recording function which works best as a quick alternative for AnimeIndo download. It also allows live annotation to add customization while recording such as adding texts, shapes, arrows, etc.

Use the Screen Recording Feature

Step 1: Select Recording Area to Record

To select the area for recording, open the VideoPower GREEN software and click the “Record” tab. A list of options for recording will then display. Choose the recording format you want to use for recording. Once you select the area for recording, a three-second countdown will then begin.

In this example, we will use the “Region” recording format in recording our anime.

animeindo download, set recording format

Step 2: Begin Recording your Anime

Once the countdown ends, go back to the website of your anime and click the “Play” button to have it recorded. There will be a control panel that will display on your screen allowing you to have complete control for recording. Click the “Pause” button if necessary. Click the “Stop” button once it ends recording.

animeindo download, start recording

Step 3: Recording Complete

After you stop the recording, it will be automatically saved in your recorded list. Try to right-click the recorded file to see more options such as Preview, Edit, Upload, Deselect All, Delete, Rename, and Open Folder.

animeindo download, start recording


It is really nice to watch your anime without interruption especially when it is subbed in your own language. It’s a good thing there’s AnimeIndo for Indonesian anime fans who don’t want to struggle to understand anime dubbed in a different language.

VideoPower GREEN is your partner when you want to watch it offline. With the help of its screen recording function which is a great alternative for AnimeIndo download, any anime from AnimeIndo can easily be saved on your PC.

ZEUS can do what the VideoPower series can do and more with an almost similar interface. Check out NOW! Start easier with more affordable prices!