BorutoWatching anime series is really good since you will see your favorite anime characters for a long time. Some anime lovers really love Naruto even though it has lots of episodes to watch. And because of the demand of many, there is a sequel that has been made- Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. Boruto is based on manga. They have the same title as its anime. This anime began to air on TV Tokyo last April 5, 2017, and it is still ongoing. As of now, there are 220 Boruto Crunchyroll episode to be watched on different anime sites like Crunchyroll.

This anime is really different in Naruto, Boruto- son of Naruto wants to take a different path, unlike his father. Worst of all, he aspires to exceed and defeat his father. This anime is really exciting, right? Don’t waste your time hesitating to watch this anime. Now is the right time to download using the VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS and feel amazed by this anime.

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For offline watching, use the VideoPower GREEN (will jump to tool. It will help you to record Boruto Crunchyroll videos since you cannot download them on the Crunchyroll site. Using the screen recording function of this tool will not damage the quality of the video you record. Once you record you can get the same quality of the video. While recording and your background have too much noise, no need to worry since you can set its Audio input to exclude the noise in your background.

3 Easy Steps to Record Boruto in Crunchyroll

Step 1: Choose Recording Area

Prepare the Boruto anime episode you want to record. Then launch the VideoPower GREEN software then click the “record” button. You will then be able to select any recording format that has been displayed on your screen. Once you select the desired recording format, a countdown will then commence.

Boruto Crunchyroll, set recording format

Step 2: Record the Anime Episode

Return to the anime site you prepared and press the “Play” button of the video when the timer reaches zero. A control taskbar will appear on your screen to have full control of your recordings. You may click the pause and stop button. Once done, just click the “Stop” button of the software. During the recording, you may also edit your video depending on your preferences.

Boruto Crunchyroll, start recording

Step 3: Complete Recording

Once the recording is over, your recorded file will be saved immediately. You may right-click the file to see more options available like Preview, Edit, Upload, and so on.

Boruto Crunchyroll, complete recording


If you are looking for a good and fantastic anime to watch, then Boruto Crunchyroll is the answer. This anime is really good even the creator of Naruto says so. It has a nice anime movie, and most especially its plot twist. In this anime better think of the saying “expect the unexpected”.

Watch this anime now. Just follow the three easy steps stated in this article and you will not be disappointed. VideoPower GREEN will help you download any anime you like and on different websites. It is the best screen recorder you will ever have. You may also learn how to do simple and basic editing since this tool has an Edit function for editing your video.

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