anoboy, download anoboy Anime shows and even movies are becoming increasingly popular among young people. Usually, the subtitles are in English form and you can hardly find different subtitles like Indonesian subtitles. There’s good news for Indonesian anime fans: there’s a website where you can view the latest anime and keep up with what’s going on in the world of anime. Anoboy is an anime website that has Indonesian subtitles. This site is what you’re looking for if you’re seeking for a legal and free online anime streaming service with Indonesian subtitles.

The site is, however, restricted to people at a young age. You may also experience bugs in accessing the site. It is really quite troublesome when you visit its page. While searching also on the anime you want to watch, it is really difficult to stream on this site because relentless advertisements will keep on popping up on your screen. Good thing, a tool like the VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS can help you avoid these pop ups through screen recording as an alternative to download Anoboy anime videos.

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Using the free trial version of Anoboy Downloader, you can record any anime you want for three minutes. Just upgrade this to download multiple anime videos.

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With the use of the recording function of the VideoPower GREEN (will jump to, you can save and record the anime videos from Anoboy without losing its video quality. It is the best alternative to easily download Anoboy animes. You don’t need to download anoboy anime apk or other software to watch your favorite anime if you have a VideoPower GREEN on your PC.

Record Anoboy Anime

Step 1: Open Anoboy Website

Go to the official site of Anoboy and search for your desired anime to record.

download anoboy, prepare video

Step 2: Set the Recording Mode

Open the software then click the “Record” button to choose the recording mode you want to use for recording. We’ll use the “region” to record in this example.

download anoboy, set format

Step 3: Begin recording

After you’ve chosen a recording format, you’ll need to select a recording area. Set the recording area by dragging the pointer.

download anoboy, drag cursor

A countdown will then appear on your screen which indicates the recording will begin.

download anoboy, countdown

Return to the webpage once the countdown reaches zero, then click the “Play” button on the anime video to begin recording. A recording toolbar will float in for you to use to pause or stop the recording.

download anoboy, start recording

Step 4: Recording Complete

After the recording, the recorded file will be saved automatically on your list. Double-click the file to watch and enjoy your anime recorded video. You may also right-click the file and hit the “Open Folder” button to see its location.

download anoboy, complete recording


Watching your favorite anime while reading its subtitle is such a good thing to do. Aside from enjoying the anime, you may enhance your reading skills as well as your reading comprehension. Indonesian fans will be amused and happy with the great news that Anoboy gives them. They will also be glad to hear about the recording tool to let them use as an alternative to download Anoboy anime videos.

VideoPower GREEN’s will gladly help you to record your favorite anime. There is also a unique function of this tool because, while taking a screen recording, you can also edit your video and use your web camera to include yourself in the recording process.

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