BerserkSince the majority of us are staying at home owing to the pandemic, we may have already binge-watched a bunch of anime series or films. You will undoubtedly enjoy the tale of Berserk anime if you add it to your list. Berserk is originally a Japanese manga written by Kentaro Miura and was adapted as a television series in 2016. Its magazine released a posthumous chapter last September 2021 that awakened anime fans to continuously watch this anime.

This latest anime- Berserk has received a lot of praise, especially for its dark setting, plot, characters, and Miura’s intricate artwork. You can watch this series on different anime sites like 123anime, 4anime, Crunchyroll, and many more. Download berserk anime 1997 now for offline streaming to enjoy and make realizations in this chaotic world.

To save your Berserk anime, download this tool. Try its free trial version and try to record and edit your favorite anime for up to three minutes. Upgraded is a must to exclude its watermark and for continuously using this application.

VideoPower GREEN for Windows Free Download

To help you grab this anime, a third-party tool which is VideoPower GREEN (will jump to This tool will help save Berserk anime. It has a screen recording function that you can use as an alternative way to download Berserk anime or download berserk anime series. While recording your anime, you may use the editing function of this tool like adding texts and shapes.

Ways to Record Berserk Anime

This VideoPower’s method is also applicable to ZEUS BUNDLE, ZEUS BUNDLE LITE, ZEUS RECORD, and ZEUS RECORD LITE which is a brother product of VideoPower Series. It contains the same strong function but can start with cheaper and more affordable prices.

Step 1: Select Desired Recording Area

Before you can proceed to record Berserk anime, you need to select first the recording area you will use to record it. To set the desired recording area, open the software then click the “Record” button. It will then show a list of options for recording. After you select the recording area, a countdown will then begin.

download berserk anime, choose recording area

Step 2: Begin Recording Berserk Anime

After the countdown goes to zero, immediately go to the anime website of Berserk and click the “Play” button of the video. The software will then record the video playing on your screen. Use the control taskbar of the software to edit the video you’re recording. You may also use it whenever you want to pause recording. Once it ends, click the “Stop” button.

download berserk anime, start recording

Step 3: Watch your Recorded Anime

Once you hit the “stop” button for recording, it will be stored instantly in your recording list. Right-click the file to see the destination folder of your recorded file then select the “Open Folder” button.

download berserk anime, complete recording


Follow Gut’s journey to see if he can get the justice he desires by watching the Berserk anime. Watching this type of anime will awaken you into the real world situation. You may download berserk anime 2016, as well as download berserk anime 2017 using a tool.

Try to use VideoPower GREEN and be amazed by its screen recording function. You can modify the audio input while recording to exclude the background noises. Set your recording so that you can do other tasks while the software will record Berserk anime.