CharlotteAs time goes by, many people are getting fond of watching anime. It’s either a series or a movie. You may notice to yourself that once you start watching anime, you will want to watch even more. One of the good and recommended anime is Charlotte- Yuu Otosaka. It is a Japanese anime television series that aired on July 4, 2015. It was produced by P.A. Works and Aniplex and directed by Yoshiyuki Asai. The first series of this anime contains thirteen episodes that you will surely like.

Many anime fans are requesting its episodes, but there is no way to obtain them. What really happened was already recounted in the last episode, and the main character had already performed his responsibilities with little to no trouble. The story was all about a student who can copy the ability of others. This anime is a must-watch anime because you will be enthralled and intrigued by the ending. The best way to download Charlotte Anime is through the screen recording function of VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS.

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To help you download Charlotte Anime – Yuu Otosaka, you may use an alternative-screen recording for this. Try to use the VideoPower GREEN (will jump to for it has the best screen recording function. Just visit the 4anime site to load your anime then, let this tool record your anime in HD quality.

Steps on How to Record Charlotte Anime

Step 1: Launch 4anime Site

Before you begin recording, prepare first the anime you want for recording. Launch 4anime site and look for Charlotte anime. Once you found it, click the video and have it loaded completely.

download charlotte anime, prepare video

Step 2: Choose Recording Mode

After you prepare the anime video for recording, set the recording area. To do this, just open the software then click the “Record” button. A dropdown list of recording modes available will show for your selection.

In this example, we will use the “Region” format for recording a specific area.

download charlotte anime, set recording format

After selecting the “region” icon, a countdown will then commence.

record animation, countdown

Step 3: Record the Desired Anime

Once the countdown reaches zero, simply click the “Play” button of the anime you prepared. It will then automatically be recorded. You may use the control panel of the software to pause or stop recording. You may also use its editing feature to add texts, shapes, and many more.

record animation, start recording

Step 4: Recording is Complete

Your recorded Charlotte anime video will be saved directly in your recorded list. You may right-click the file to see more options available. You may also track its destination by clicking the “Open Folder” icon.

record animation, complete recording


Charlotte Anime is really a cool anime. Aside from its story, the animation, and graphics are really in a nice format that you want to download Charlotte anime. Since this anime consists of thirteen episodes and is completed, you will not be bored waiting for the next update.

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