To Your Eternity is the kind of anime that will get you an emotional investment in a character that started out as an orb. This orb has the particular skill to copy anything or person that it’s inspired by. We follow Fushi, a creature that can morph into different creatures.

He started out as a rock and continued to do so until he saw a dying animal. This beast died before him, and he took the form of that animal. The animal’s name is Joaan, a reshy wolf who serves as the company for a boy living in the tundra. When Fushi met this boy, he was attached and followed him around wherever he went.

The boy travels to find paradise where he believes his people have come. Fushi follows him and continues to experience new things while he is with the boy. This anime will invest in the story as we follow Fushi through on his new experiences. You will find them eating, making friends and learning about the world in their own way.

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2 Ways To Download To Your Eternity

Method 1: Auto download via embedded Browser

Step 1: Go to Embedded Browser

Launch your VideoPower RED and go to the “Detect” menu . Open your streaming site by typing in the browser bar. Find the show you plan to watch. For this example, we use 9anime.

Videopower red, embedded browser

Step 2: Auto-detect To Your Eternity Video

Play the video and the software will immediately see the file to download it for you.
Videopower RED, direct download

Step 3: Download To Your Eternity Episode

Go to the “Download” tab and you’ll see the video processing in the “Downloading” section.


Step 4: Video Download Completed

Go to the “Completed” section to find the finished video. Right-click to have the option to play, convert, open folder etc.

saved show, direct download finish

Method 2: Record To Your Eternity

Step 1: Prepare the recording areaa

Using your PC, open your browser and go to your streaming site. Load video to avoid buffering issues.

download to your eternity, prepare video

Step 2: Set the audio input

Go to the “Record” tab . On the audio system button, set the audio system to prevent external noise. You don’t need your external microphone to record the show.
vpr, audio setting

Step 3: Set the record mode

With the record button, set it to your preferred type such as region or full screen. Once set you will go straight to the recording feature.

vpr, record setting

Step 4: Start Recording To Your Eternity

A box appears in front of your screen asking if everything is ready. Press ok and a countdown will start. Make sure your video screen is set to full screen to get everything. A control panel will appear on your screen showing how much you have recorded, it will help you pause and stop recording.

*Note: You can display / hide the record toolbar using the Ctrl + Alt + E shortcut.

Download To Your Eternity, screen recording

Step 5: Finished Recording To Your Eternity

You can hit the stop record once the video is over, and you’ll see your finished recording on the “Record” tab.
Fantasy anime, saved recording


This fantasy will have you hauling your heartstrings. Yoshitoki Oima created this series and serialized it in 2016. The building of the world and the development of the character are great and you will find yourself attached to new characters at every stage.

Fushi has the resemblance of a child who is intrigued by a child or a pet learning new things after this show is for you! You can download To Your Eternitya with VideoPower RED. They provide opportunities to download from any anime streaming site so why not give it a shot!

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